15 July 2024

In a shocking and unexpected turn of events, renowned rapper Foolio was killed in Tampa on Sunday, June 23, 2024, in a shooting incident. According to the reports, rapper Foolio was shot dead at a hotel in Tampa city. Since the news of Foolio’s death surfaced, his fans and people have been mourning his demise and sharing their reaction to the news of the shooting in Tampa. Amid the profound sadness of Foolio’s tragic killing, another rapper named Spinabenz shared a celebratory post on the internet and called it a victory. Yes, you read that right, rapper Spinabenz has sparked a wave of controversy and widespread discussion by sharing celebratory posts on the killing of rapper Foolio. Meanwhile, Spinabenz has become a subject of widespread backlash and criticism. You should know what Spinabenz said after Foolio’s death. Stick with this page and go through the article to the end. Swipe down the page.

As per the reports, rapper Foolio was killed in a shooting incident that happened at a hotel in Tampa on Sunday, June 23, 2024. At the time of his death, rapper Foolio was 26 years of age. It has been several hours, but the suspect in the killing of Foolio has not been identified yet. It remains unknown what was the motive for killing rapper Foolio but some people have speculated that it was a repercussion of a rift between artists in Florida where Foolio was a member of the KTA Gang while Spinabenz and other artists who mocked Foolio’s death are member of his rival game ATK which was described as Ace’s Top Killers by Jacksonville Police. According to the reports, many rappers and artists from the rap scene of Florida are part of these gangs.

The news of Foolio’s death has sparked widespread concern over the rising rift between the rappers in Florida after Spinabenz shared the celebratory posts after Foolio’s shootout. Using the Instagram Stories feature, Spinabenz shared from his official account that Game Over, We Won. The rapper also rejoiced in this incident as a day to be proud of. Several fans of Foolio also shared the screenshots of Drill Time rapper Spinabenz’s post’s comments. This post of Spinabenz has sparked a myriad of reactions from users on social media. One user stated that Spinabenz and Whoppa with Choppa sampling Chingy Holiday Inn to diss Foolio. However, most of the people simply slammed Spinabenz for celebrating someone’s death and called his act disgusting while some said Spinabenz would go to hell for his story.

Another rapper, Yungeen Ace also celebrated Foolio’s demise, along with Spinabenz. Many raised concerns over the beef like this which is never going to end and artists keep fighting with each other. The entire community is currently reeling from the tragic killing of rapper Foolio who was shot dead when the rapper was celebrating his 26th birthday in Tampa, Florida, at a hotel.

For the unversed, Jacksonville rapper Foolio’s real name was Charles Jones and he was found dead with several bullets in his body. Police also claimed that two vehicles which were ambushed by the shooters, were found in the parking lot. Tampa Police identified the victim as Jones at the scene. Three others were also injured with gunfire but they have been saved and are in stable condition at a hospital. Tampa Police Department issued a statement and claimed that the motive of the shooting still has not been confirmed and they are working to identify the people involved in the shooting. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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