13 July 2024

Famous South Korean YouTuber Kian84 who is best known for writing the webtoon Fashion King, has departed for the United States where he will start a new chapter of his life by participating in Music by Accident reality show. Yes, you read that right, Kian84 will turn singer with his participation in Music By Accident, a new variety show of MBC. The news of traveling to the US and participating in Music by Accident was also confirmed by Kian84 himself. Since Kian84 made it public that he will embark on a musical journey in the United States, his fans and followers have been enthralled to see him on the reality show “Music by Accident”. We have come up with this article to share a glimpse of the musical journey of Kian84. Be sticky with this page and go through it to the end for more details. Swipe down the page.

Kian84 Takes Flight to New York for MBC’s ‘Music By Accident’ Reality Show

Kian84 who recently dreamt of becoming a singer, has jetted off to the United States and reached New York where he will participate in the musical show “Music By Accident” a new variety show of MBC. It seems that the makers of Music By Accident were aware of Kian84’s dream of becoming a singer meanwhile, they approached him to participate in the show and the YouTuber might not hesitate at once before accepting the offer in pursuit of his dream. The fans and followers of Kian84 must know that becoming a singer was one of the things on Kian84’s bucket list.

For the unversed, Music By Accident is a spin-off from Adventure by Accident. The makers of the show are trying their hands at expanding the “By Accident” universe by bringing different shows with the same concept of “By Accident”. To participate in Music By Accident, renowned YouTuber Kian84 reached his first destination for the singing show. He is currently in New York City after leaving South Korea on Tuesday morning, July 2, 2024.

The famous webtoon writer, Kian84 also shared his pictures from the Incheon International Airport on social media to share his experience of starting a new journey and following his dreams. In the photos, the South Korean YouTuber is carrying his iconic single bag and his other permanent accessories. He reached New York City in a simple dress reminiscent of his travels to India, Africa, and South America.

Excitement Builds as Kian84 Joins ‘Music By Accident’ in Pursuit of Musical Dreams

The YouTuber is also excited as he traveled to the US and for the first time to New York City. Along with the pictures from Incheon International Airport, Kian84 also shared that he was heading to the United States and it was his first visit to New York. Furthermore, the South Korean webtoon writer also added that he is eagerly anticipating the music experience awaiting for hom, unlike Adventure by Accident. When will this music show start premiering? As per the reports, the show will start premiering in August means the fans will see the pre-recorded episodes of the show.

Do you know Kian84 is being accompanied by Yoo Teo on his musical journey? Yes, you read that right, actor Yoo Teo will also join Kian84 on Music by Accident. The two renowned South Korean personalities will be seen in a singing show, giving fresh and intriguing vibes to the fans. Music by Accident will reportedly start premiering before the release of Adventure by Accident Season 4 on MBC. Kian84 and Yoo Tae will be seen together in Music Traveler. The former also has expressed his passion for becoming a singer in his YouTube videos. Stay tuned with us.

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