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Some special work will be done in the house, there will be happiness in married life – News18 LokmatNews WAALI

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Mumbai, March 14: Today is 14 March 2023, Tuesday. Today is Phalgun Krishna Saptami .Today the Moon will travel in Scorpio .. Let’s see today’s horoscope of twelve zodiac signs.


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It is a day that raises expectations from offspring. Prowess and it will increase financially. Travel will happen. Mental stress will be felt. Family life will be happy. Social awareness will rise. good day


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The transit of the Moon in the seventh place will be auspicious. Shopping, yoga travel will come. There will be some special work going on in the house. There will be happiness in married life. . Take care of your health. good day


Moon’s transit through the 6th house will bring contact with relatives. Family will have happiness Travel yoga, meetings will happen. Take care of your health. There will be new opportunities in the field of work. The day will be chaotic but fun.


Karmasthan and fortune rising. There will be financial support. You will participate in religious programs with enthusiasm. You will have the comfort of home. There will be happiness in married life. But avoid misunderstandings The offspring will be fine. good day

A lion

Spend Mangal day today praying to Ish Chara. It is a benefic planet in religion and social life. Even if there is no Guru’s power, today will pass peacefully, and there will be marital happiness. Travel yoga will come. midday

a girl

Single people should try hard to get married. There will be an opportunity to have a partner as desired. His spouse will get benefits even if he suffers, name and reputation will increase Financial benefits will be there. Moderate Prakriti Japa.Day.

to you

It is a lucky day and the work done will have good results.

There will be auspicious yoga for married life and there will be an atmosphere of happiness. A friend will meet. Debt will be waived. good day


If you have some pending work involving a foreigner, apply today. likely to happen. It is a successful day in the work field. The elderly will be happy, and there will be extra work at home too. An auspicious day for offspring.


It is a day that creates comfort of home, vehicle and benefits of Vastu and religious devotion. Transit of moon in Vyasa position will give special experience. Married life will be happy. The happiness of mothers and parents will be ensured There will be financial benefits Good day.


Today Jupiter and Moon are doing Nava Pancham Yoga. It is a day to be happy. Married life will be happy. He will travel. Be careful about finances, business and health. Average day.

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Start your day by making time for business today. There will be travel costs. It will cost but the new purchase will go a long way to having fun. Auspicious financial day. The day is good for business.


Today the day will be rather slow, the house will be peaceful. Guru Chandra Yoga shows good health and financial benefits. Beware of enemies. You will have marital bliss. good day

Shubham Bhavatu!!

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