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HomeIndiaSomatne on the old Pune-Mumbai highway is temporarily toll-freeNews WAALI

Somatne on the old Pune-Mumbai highway is temporarily toll-freeNews WAALI

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Somatne toll abolition action committee movement successful

Talegaon: The Somatne Toll Naka Hatav Action Committee’s indefinite hunger strike was successful. Public Works Minister Ravindra Chavan himself assured the hunger strikers that until a committee meeting is held with the Shinde-Fadnavis government, vehicles on the old Pune-Mumbai highway will not be picked up at the Somatne tollbooth. After the assurance, Kishore Aware of Somatne Toll Removal Action Committee decided to stop the indefinite fast.

As soon as the session ends, Aware will have a meeting with Prime Minister Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis. After that, it will be clear whether the Somatne toll booth will be closed or not. But, at the moment, no toll is charged on vehicles at this toll booth. Kishore Aware has warned that if the ‘IRB’ obstructs vehicle owners, they will have to face the following, the responsibility of the ‘IRB’ will be their responsibility.

For the past few years, Toll Somatne Naka Hatav Akti Samiti has been aggressive in getting rid of toll nakas. The Kishore Aware of Sarva Sutra Committee had started an indefinite hunger strike from Saturday. The state government took note of this and state public works minister Ravindra Chavan came to the customs booth of Somatne today.

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All the hunger strikers had descended on the old Pune-Mumbai highway. Because of this traffic on the highway was closed for some time. On this occasion Kishore Aware, Construction Minister Ravindra Chavan spoke to the agitators. The Shinde-Fadnavis government will solve your problem at the toll gate. We will convey your feelings to the government. Neither Chief Minister Eknath Shinde nor Devendra Fadnavis can meet you as the session is on. As soon as the session is over, we will have a meeting of Somatne Toll Implementation Committee Naka Hatav and Shinde-Fadnavis. Let’s discuss how to solve this problem. Until then, no tolls will be levied on vehicles on the old Pune-Mumbai highway. Ravindra Chavan has given this assurance. After explaining all this in front of the IRB officials, Kishore Aware broke his indefinite fast with lemon water. However, it will be clear in the upcoming meeting whether the toll road will be moved or not.

Further consequences if IRB blocks vehicle owners.

In front of the IRB officers, the Minister of Public Works has promised to exempt vehicles other than transport from tolls. Kishore Aware of Somatne Toll The Naka Hatav Committee has warned that if the IRB officials do not follow it and stop the common motorists, the agitation will take a different form. He also said that the IRB will be responsible for this.

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