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Solar Eclipse 2022: Solar eclipse in October and strange yoga of planets will afflict these signsNews WAALI

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Date of Publication: | Thu, 29 Sep 2022 10:12 PM (IST)

Surya Grahan 2022: Vedic Astrology and Planets Related. Planetary transits lead to many events. In the month of October, there will be a solar eclipse in Libra with the transit of the planets. The second solar eclipse of this year will occur on October 25. It is found in India. So Sutak period has special significance during this period. According to astrology, Sun God sits in Libra. Due to this eclipse occurs in Libra. This time there are 5 planets in Libra. There is a combination of five planets like Moon, Ketu, Sun, Mercury and Venus. It has an unfavorable effect on some zodiac signs.


The effect of solar eclipse on the life of people belonging to this sign is high. You should pay special attention to your health during the eclipse. If there is a problem, try to solve it early.

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Gemini people have to work hard for any work. Expenses are more likely to increase than income. For this, pay special attention to money.

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Unnecessary expenses will increase for Virgos during solar eclipse. If you want to invest anywhere, take advice from elders. Hasty decision can be disastrous for you.


Financial condition of people of this sign will be affected. You feel strongly about money. So don’t spend money there if you don’t need to. Think before investing.


A solar eclipse occurs in Libra. There are also five planets in this sign. In such a situation, people belonging to this sign may face losses. Special attention should be paid to health. Be careful while driving.


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Posted by: Kushagra Valuskar