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Sitting on a hunger strike demanding a fair investigation and removal of the Prison Superintendent. Sitting on hunger strike demanding fair investigation and removal of prison superintendentNews WAALI

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17 minutes ago

After the DPF (Department Provident Fund) scandal in the Central Jail, the prison workers are now on a fast track to death. Four workers sat on hunger strike in the prison building demanding the removal of the prison superintendent, a fair investigation into the whole matter and the return of the amount that had gone from the account.

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Two workers are absconding after a DPF theft of more than 13 crores in Bhairavgad Central Jail, while the Bhopal team is still investigating on the third day after registering an FIR. The workers, who lost their life savings, claimed that a fair investigation is not possible while Jail Superintendent Usha Raje is in office. They should be fired immediately and removed from here. The workers claimed that this is not possible without the connivance of the prison superintendent. Until Usha Raje is removed from her post, the prison staff will fast to death. The protest worker Suresh Marmat said that I don’t even have a place to stay, the one who should be made the main accused is taken in the investigation, a total of Rs 27 lakh was withdrawn. Retirement is after a few months, don’t know what to do.

embezzled from about 100 sims

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Many agencies are investigating the GPF scam in Central Jail Bhairavgarh, but the shocking thing has come to light that the mobile numbers have been changed in the records of the employees due to theft. It is not possible to withdraw the amount without a request from the workers and without the signature of the Prison Supervisor, yet money was coming out of the workers’ accounts. The special thing is that the account holders did not even receive messages on their mobile phones. That worker Ripudaman and other associates have committed this theft by changing the mobile numbers of the workers in the records by bringing about 100 veins. However, SSP Satyendra Kumar Shukla has also formed a team to investigate the matter.

Gaz may collapse after completing an investigation

The robbery scandal that was happening in Bhairavgarh jail has been going on since 2020 and most of the victims of robberies have been working for Ujjain and Badnagar sub-jails. Out of 13 crores, about 9 crores have been transferred to the accounts of only three constables. the prison. One of them is an escape from Babu Ripudaman and the other two accounts have also come out from the two constables of the jail. As soon as the transactions were revealed in their accounts, both of them have also escaped. In the entire case, from Ujjain Collector to the investigation team has also confirmed that sharing your ID password with anyone is the biggest mistake and if this happens, that officer is to blame. Now soon after the completion of the investigation, as soon as the report is submitted, it is believed that Usha Raje will be blamed in this case.

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