19 July 2024

South Korean singer Suzy whose real name is Bae Su-ji, recently shared a post filled with vibrant and festive scenes featuring colorful balloons and flower bouquets, as she completed 14 years in the music industry.

Yes, you read that right, it has been 14 years since Suzy debuted in the industry. Meanwhile, the singer made the most of this moment and celebrated her 14th debut anniversary with her fans. The singer shared a message to express her gratitude toward the people who always supported her in her journey and became a source of strength.

As singer Suzy is not able to control her feelings and confine her emotions on the occasion of her 14th debut anniversary, we have shared a glimpse of her celebration in the following sections of this article. Stick with this page and follow the article to the end. Scroll down.

Suzy Celebrates 14 Years in Music with Colorful Anniversary Bash

The renowned singer and former member of girl group Miss A, Suzy shared the joyous occasion on her official Instagram account on July 3, 2024, i.e. today. The images posted by the singer Suzy show an array of gifts and presents sent by her fans on completing her 14 years in the industry.

The singer’s July 3 images on IG show decorations with colorful balloons and flower bouquets. Not to mention, the vibrant surroundings of Suzy captivated the attention of the fans and won their hearts.

The singer celebrated her 14th debut anniversary like a festive as she was surrounded by several gifts, colorful balloons, and vibrant flower bouquets, including a massive balloon with BAE SUZY printed on it grabbed everyone’s attention. There were some cards as well, adorned with pink ribbons.

The stuff around Suzy was giving warm and wholesome vibes while she was celebrating the moment. In total, the pictures shared by Suzy on Instagram, are a testament to her fans’ deep love and efforts.

Before marking her 14th debut anniversary, singer Suzy took the challenge of acting in the film Wonderland to prove herself as a multi-talented personality by showcasing her talent and skill beyond singing. Suzy’s Wonderland premiered on June 5, 2024.

Suzy Thanks Fans for 14 Years of Support in Festive Instagram Post

Nevertheless, Suzy also has acted and shared screens with stars like Kim Woo Bin in a Netflix series titled All The Love You Wish For by Kim Eun Sook. It was a rom-com series and its story revolves around a genie who is a little bit more emotional toward a woman who releases him.

Meanwhile, the genie offers three wishes to the woman which sparks anticipation among the viewers.

While expressing her gratitude toward the fans, singer-turned-actor Suzy shared a warm message along with a picture celebrating her 14th debut anniversary.

The note penned by Suzy herself reads she always gains strength from her fans and she will continue to show her best to the audience. The singer also thanked her fans for the unwavering support and love they showed toward her. Meanwhile, Bae Suzy also vowed to remain active and bring more delightful projects for the fans in the future.

In case, you have not interacted with Suzy’s 14th debut anniversary post on Instagram, then you can visit her IG room that is available under the username @skuukzky. Her official IG handle is followed by more than 20.1 million followers.

As of now, she has posted a total of 1619 posts, indicating the singer remains active on social media and often shares her personal and professional updates with her fans. Her latest post that she shared on completing 14 years of her career, has gained more than 367K likes so far. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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