16 July 2024
DJ Yesong

On Tuesday, July 10, 2024, the legal team of singer DJ Yesong also known as Ahn Ye Song, filed an appeal at the Seoul Central District Court’s 25th Criminal Division to Judge Kim Ji Young who also presided over the case. Since DJ Yesong filed an appeal in the court, people have once again become keen to learn the details of the case. According to the court documents, DJ Yesong was sentenced to 10 years in jail as she caused a death while driving under the influence. Shockingly, singer DJ Yesong was not involved only in a single accident, she caused two accidents on the same day while driving under the influence. We have mentioned the circumstances surrounding DJ Yesong’s accidents that happened reportedly on February 3. Stick with this page and go through the article to the end.

DJ Yesong Appeals 10-Year Sentence After Fatal DUI Incident

According to the reports, singer DJ Yesong’s legal team Dongsuhnam’s lawyer Ahn Wang Seon filed an appeal on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, to Seoul Central District Court’s 25th Criminal Division’s Judge Kim Ji Young who presided over the fatal accident case. Judge Kim Ji Young sentenced accused DJ Yesong aka Ahn Ye Song to 10 years in jail. Before announcing the sentence, the Judge noted that accused DJ Yesong aka Ahn Ye Song was prosecuted for driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.221 percent on February 3, in the morning at around 4:40 AM.

The court also noted that Ahn Ye Song crashed her car into a bike ahead of her and caused the driver of the bike to lose his life. The victim was a 50-year-old man working as a delivery person. He was also rushed to the hospital suffering from a cardiac arrest but he could not be revived. Upon investigation, the officers learned that Ahn Ye Song was not involved in only one accident but she also had caused another accident a few minutes before the fatal crash and fled the scene. However, the singer was arrested after causing the second accident at the scene. Meanwhile, the court issued a detention warrant against DJ Yesong citing the risk of flight.

During the trial, the prosecutors demanded a 15-year prison sentence for DJ Yesong but the court announced a 10-year sentence on Tuesday, July 10, 2024. In June, during the trial, the prosecution said that DJ Yesong caused two traffic accidents while heavily intoxicated. Furthermore, the prosecutor added that there was a need for severe punishment to protect civilians from harm caused by drunk driving. The victim of the first accident also registered his testimony that accused Ahn Ye Song came out of her car after the accident and said “Do I look like I drank a lot? Please overlook this just once” and left the scene without making any effort to help the victim. Thus, the court added that instead of remaining at the scene and helping the victim, DJ Yesong left without any explanation and took the necessary protective measures as per traffic rules. DJ Yesong showed an intent to escape by fleeing the scene of the first accident.

DJ Yesong’s lawyer filed an appeal to underline that they had reached out to the family of the victim reached a settlement with them and pleaded for leniency. The court appeal also cites DJ Yesong has extraordinary talent in the entertainment field and has made the country proud with her performances in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. In addition, DJ Yesong also has deeply reflected on her mistakes by submitting 75 letters of apology. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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