19 July 2024
Singer Bada

Singer Bada recently expressed her strong desire or craving for a former member of the SES group named Shoo, captivating the attention of the K-netizens.

According to the reports, Bada posted a video along with a caption that it is true that a lot of time has passed, on her social media account on Sunday, July 7, 2024, underlining the period since Shoo quit the group. Bada posted a video featuring herself along with Shoo and Eugene, showing the affectionate and memorable moments that caught everyone’s attention.

Did Bada directly express her craving for the former SES member? In the following sections, we have taken a dig at singer Bada’s July 7 post and pondered some most-asked questions regarding the same. Keep reading this article for more information. Swipe down.

Singer Bada Shares Nostalgic Video with SES’s Shoo, Eugene

Taking to her social media handle, singer Bada posted on her official Instagram handle a video which was captioned as it is true that a lot of time has passed. Speaking of the nostalgic video, Bada shared the music and dance performance video of SES’s song Dreams Come True, recalling the unforgettable moments she enjoyed with former SES members Shoo and Eugene. The old music video of Dreams Come True gained fans’ attention.

She further asserted that they might be the weakest in the fact of time but she believed there was a greater power in sincerity. Furthermore, Bada added that even if they could not always give the best grapes, she wanted to bear fruit until the end and convey it to their fans with all her soul. In the heartfelt caption, singer Bada also used some hashtags such as SES, SEA, Goodnight, and Friend.

To note, singer Bada did not directly show her affection and longing for former group member Shoo but the scene of the music video in which Bada can be seen cheek-to-cheek with Shoo hinted at her craving for her. The fans also immediately got the point and pointed at Bada’s longing and affection for the former SES member. Do you know when Bada, Eugene, and Shoo debuted? To get more about them, keep reading this article. Swipe down.

According to the reports, Eugene, Shoo, and Bada formed the girl group SES which debuted in 1997. Over time, their girl group became one of the most loved and followed K-pop groups. After gaining recognition, the members of the SES group went on to pursue their careers as soloists. Afterward, they also pursued their acting careers. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1997-formed group SES, they released a special album in 2017.

But before the 20th anniversary of their group, former SES member Shoo faced some legal troubles and had to spend six months behind bars in 2016 and a suspension for 2 years for habitual gambling worth 700 million won in Macau. The suspension of two years and sentence to six months in jail of Shoo cast a shadow over the reunion chances of the group.

In TV Chosun’s Star Documentary My Way, Shoo shared her story while her former group members Bada and Eugene supported her. In an Instagram Live in September 2023, Bada confessed that she had distanced herself from the former group member Shoo which eventually led to friction rumors between them.

The rumors were further fueled when Bada criticized Shoo for sporting tank tops in her comeback. Meanwhile, Shoo felt displeased by her former group member. But Bada gave some clarification on her relations with Shoo and supported her publicly. Once she also said sorry to Sooyong aka Shoo for being an inadequate sister. Stay tuned with us.

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