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SI of Agar died in Bhopal along with his family. SI of Agar died in Bhopal along with his family.News WAALI

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Agar MalwaOne hour ago

The OS, his wife and son, residents of Gundikalan in Agar district, died in Bhopal on Friday. After the PM of the dead bodies, the relatives brought the dead bodies of the three to the fire late Sunday night. After this the three were cremated.

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The bodies of SI Suresh Khanguda (32), his wife Krishna (28) and son Ivan (2), residents of Gundikalan, were found in Bhopal. The last rites were performed at the cremation ground of his ancestral village Gundikalan. Seeing three bonfires burning together, the atmosphere of the whole village looked unsettled. Where everyone looked uncomfortable at the death of the three. Appears to discuss this first of unresolved death.

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Constable was selected in 2013

According to those who knew SI Suresh, he was intelligent in studies. He did a B.Sc in Mathematics. In the year 2013, he was chosen as a constable. His post was in Indore. Later he was selected in SI. After this he started living in Bhopal. He was also preparing for UPSC, but this development surprises everyone.

a dead body was found on the railway track

The sub-inspector Khaguda belonged to the batch of 2017. Used to look after the work of technical wing in the police headquarters. For 5 years, he lived on rent near his in-laws house in Bhopal. Suresh’s body was found on the Bhopal railway track in Misrod area in front of Habibganj railway station on Friday evening, then he could not be identified. A bicycle (government vehicle) was found near the scene at 10am on Saturday. This could identify him. After this, the police reached Rajvaidya Colony, Kolar near the house of Suresh Swagat Bungalow, where the bodies of a wife and a son were also found lying.

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