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Sheep seriously injured in collision with unknown vehicle in Pasurli – Tarun BharatNews WAALI

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Rescued by villagers, admitted to Kolhapur for further treatment

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Mhasurli / Representative

On Sunday night in Mhasurli (Radhanagari) Gabhan Bhekar, who came for a walk from the forest on the Mhasurli-Dhamod road, was seriously injured after being hit by an unknown vehicle.

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Sunday night in a farm area called Shiwar on the Mhasurli-Dhamod main road, a rare sheep came out of the forest and was hit by an unknown vehicle. The sheep was seriously injured. His stomach and mouth were badly injured in the accident and he was bleeding from his nose and mouth.

At the same time, the people who were traveling on the road saw that the said sheep had an accident, so they took it aside and contacted the forest staff of the Mhasurli Forest Circle. Also, they first contacted the a local vet and the sheep were treated first. After the personnel of the forestry department arrived on the spot, the injured sheep was handed over to them.
After that, the forest staff admitted the injured Gabhan sheep to Radhanagari for further treatment.

Dr. Sanjay Sutar, Mangesh Athalye, Sadashiv Kamble, Arman Malkapure, Tukaram Chowgle, Saadhan Pareet, along with the forest staff of Masurli Forest Parimandal had valuable cooperation to save the life of this rare Asha Bhekra.