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Seeravi community, Aai Mataji. need to pay special attention to educationNews WAALI

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locationsChennaiPublished: March 13, 2023 01:25:26 am

Holi love meeting ceremony of Sirvi Samaj Mahasabha

Seeravi community, Aai Mataji

samaj vision

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Chennai. Holi Sneh Milan function of Shree Seervi Samaj Mahasabha Tamil Nadu was organized at Seervi Samaj Vadher (Temple) in ECR Nilangarai. On this occasion, the President of the Mahasabha, RB Chaudhary said that we should do special work in the field of education and medicine. The progress of society is only possible through education. Pay special attention to the education of girls’ children as well. The Mahasabha Secretary, Virendra Sirvi, spoke about the end of the evils spread in the society and appealed to work towards a drug-free society. In the function, together with mutual brotherhood, discussions were held on the spirit of the organization and the development of the society. At the same time, the people of the society wished each other a Happy Holi. Due to the Corona epidemic, the Holi Sneh Milan ceremony could not be organized for three years. Mahasabha Vice President Narayan Lal Choyal, Treasurer Binjaram Pariharia and other dignitaries were present. Along with the officials of all the institutions and temples, the members of the Mahasabha and the people of the society participated in the function.


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