19 July 2024
Sam Hammington

For the past many days, a discussion about famous TV personality Sam Hammington’s two sons has been going on as netizens are commenting on his children’s long hair.

Meanwhile, Sam Hammington and his wife have been maintaining their silence over the matter and refraining from making any statement in an attempt to avoid unnecessary controversy. But recently Sam Hammington’s wife broke her silence and told netizens to mind their own business.

The New Zealand-born Australian television personality and comedian Sam Hammington who is active in South Korea, has two sons Bentley and William, who both have grown out their hair which prompted netizens to make different theories about it. However, Sam’s wife could not silently ignore rumors about her children’s hair. She has opened up about it and slammed the netizens. Let’s delve into the details and learn what she said about her children’s hair.

Sam Hammington’s Wife Jung Yumi Addresses Controversy

Sam’s wife Jung Yumi wrote a lengthy note on social media on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, to address the rumors about her children’s hair. Jung Yumi started the note with her son’s health condition. She stated that it has been a while since they have had a cold day with rain but it is upsetting that Bentley got sick after having fun but now he is feeling better.

She further went on to say that Ben’s gastroenteritis has symptoms like persistent stomach pain despite being on medicine. He frequently vomits, inability to eat and fever are the other symptoms. Due to gastroenteritis, her son lost around 2 kg.

Sam Hammington’s wife Jung Yumi also shared that when her sons were in Phuket they were frequently asked if they were twins. She thinks her sons look totally different from each other but others don’t see it that way. After that, Jung Yumi reacted to the comments about her sons’ long hair. She said numerous comments about their hair have been made by the netizens.

Jung Yumi Defends Sons

What’s wrong with Bentley and William’s hair?  Yumi chose to open up about this issue as well. She said many people comment on her children’s hair but they are growing it out because they want to and she respects her children’s opinion even though they are still young. Yumi did not cite any problem or any specific reason for the long hair of her children. It is just her children’s own decision to grow their hair long and Sam and Jung respect their decision even though they are naive.

Until Sam Hammington’s wife opened up about the reason for her sons’ long hai, the netizens have been relentlessly speculating the reason for growing so long hair. Putting all the rumors to rest, Jung Yumi simply revealed that it is her children’s preference to keep long hair nothing else.

So there is no need to speculate anything about it. Nothing is wrong with their hair nor is there any particular reason to not cut hair. Take a look below and learn about Sam Hammington and Jung Yumi.

Sam Hammington is an Australian TV personality and comedian. He settled in South Korea after marrying his wife Jung Yumi in 2013. After their marriage, the couple welcomed two children, both boys, William Hammington and Bentley Hammington.

The Hammington family gained notoriety and affection after appearing on The Return of Superman on KBS 2TV. A few days back Sam Hammington captivated attention when he said he used his children’s appearance fees to buy a three-story home that has six rooms, located in in Yeonhui-dong. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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