21 June 2024
Ron Edmonds

It is with extreme pain and broken hearts that we share the death news of an esteemed photographer named Ron Edmonds. He was best known for being a Pulitzer Award-winning photographer. According to the reports, the award-winning photographer lost his life and breathed his last on Friday, May 31, 2024, in the night at his home located in Virginia. Undoubtedly, Ron Edmonds has left behind his legacy which will survive him forever. However, since Ron Edmonds was pronounced dead, people from around the world have been paying post-humous tributes to him and sharing warm condolences with his family. In honor of Ron Edmonds, we have reflected on his journey from being a normal photographer to becoming an award-winning photographer, in the following sections of this article. Continue reading this article. Drag down the page.

Ron Edmonds, Acclaimed White House Photographer, Dies at 77

In his career, Ron Edmonds did not receive the Pulitzer Prize but his legacy was also acknowledged by the White House News Photographers Association in 2013 when he was conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Award. For 28 years, Ron Edmonds covered the Reagan White House as an Associated Press photographer as his job was to keep an eye on the president all the time. Commandablt, Ron Edmonds kept setting his eye on the president for as many as 28 years which is a very long time but only a single day was enough for Ron Edmonds to become a legendary photographer and earn notoriety across the world, that was March 30, 1981. What happened on March 30, 1981, has been explained in the following sections. Keep reading.

On that day, the AP photographer captured a string of images that changed his life for always. Then-president Ronald Reagan was speaking with the AFL-CIO members at a hotel in Hilton which was not too away from the White House. But very shocking happened that day, which left the entire world shocked and stunned as well because John Hinckley Jr. opened fire at the president with a revolver. John Hinckley Jr. also fired at the president’s aides. At the same time, AP photographer Ron Edmonds was in a place from where he captured a series of images across the president’s limousine as he was struck and shoved down into the vehicle. The president’s life was saved by the doctors.

This exclusive coverage of the president made Ron Edmonds a legendary photographer and earned him various accolades like the Pulitzer Prize and Lifetime Achievement Award. On April 12, 1982, Ron Edmonds was conferred with the award when Ron said he wished it had been a picture of peace, not violence. The next day, the photographer was also called to the Oval Office for a conversation with the president. Interestingly, the president also joked that the photographers always ask him for one more pose and he could replay the shooting incident but this time with the help of a stuntman.

This incident was one of the thousands of events Ron Edmonds covered for the Associated Press, as he initially thought it would be a meet and greet event where the president would give a speech and shake some hands as well. Ron Edmonds thought it would be a boring event which turned into the career-defining event of his career. Ron Edmonds retired as the senior White House photographer of the Associated Press in 2009. In his career, he notably covered Super Bowls, the Olympics, presidents, and the world.

Speaking of Ron Edmonds’s cause of death, many have sought information about the photographer’s death reason but it has not been revealed what caused him to die on Friday night. However, the Pulitzer Prize winner was 77 years old at the time of his death. He might have passed away naturally from age-related ailments.

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