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rohit sharma made plan for wtc final in ipl 2023, gay man rohit sharma…how to practice for wtc final when ipl know idea… – indian players will practice for wtc final in ipl itself, rohit sharma has made a mega planNews WAALI

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New Delhi: Though India entered the WTC Final, there was a question ahead of them. Because after the IPL, the Indian players will not get much time to prepare for the World Cup Test tournament. So when should the Indian players get a chance to practice, everyone was wondering. But Indian players can practice for the finals while playing the IPL and Rohit Sharma has made such a plan. But how the players can practice for this final while playing the IPL, what is Rohit’s mega plan and what the players have to do for it has now come to light.

Rohit said, “Mohammed Siraj (Bengaluru team), Mohammad Shami (Gujarat) and Umesh Yadav (Kolkata) are key players in their respective IPL teams. So they will play at least 12 of the 14 group matches. After that, by them to be ready for the finals immediately.” .So their workload will have to be monitored. During the IPL we will give dug (red) balls to all the fast bowlers so that they can practice on those balls. Of course it’s how seriously each player practices that matters Tests in England are played on duke balls .India use the ‘SG’ ball for Tests, while Australia use the ‘Kookaburra’ ball ‘.Siraj, Shami, Umesh are the fast bowlers in the Indian Test It’s hard to say how much time they get for practice in their busy schedule now.”

Preparation is important for finals
As the final will be held at the Oval, the conditions there will be completely different. Rohit Sharma has no doubt that India will have to prepare well for that. “Both teams have played a lot of cricket in England. There is third place for both teams. Of course, I wouldn’t say it will be a different situation for both teams. But it will definitely be different from India playing in India and Australia playing in Australia. Both teams will be ready for that. Absolutely,” said Rohit.


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