19 July 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of K-Pop, renowned bands and groups often appear in music shows and events but a newly formed girls’ group titled “QWER” has not been seen on any music program or event. Thus, Korean netizens who always remain keen about the timeline and activities of K-Pop idols and groups recently raised concern over QWER’s not participating in any music program. However, QWER formed by Kim Gyeran, has risen in popularity and strong music chart performance, not appearing on any music programs. What could be the reason for the aforementioned group’s not participating in any music program? If you are also concerned regarding the same, we have discussed this matter in detail in the following sections. Swipe down the page.

QWER: Rising K-Pop Group Shrouded in Mystery for Skipping Music Programs

For the unversed, QWER was created by renowned YouTuber Kim Gyeran, and this K-pop group was formed under Tamago Production. In recent times, QWER garnered a significant fan following and notoriety across South Korea but despite rising popularity and delivering several chart-buster performances, QWER has not been seen on any music program, leaving the fans and K-pop community in a frenzy. Currently, innumerable people are questioning why the aforementioned girls’ group has not been invited or seen at any music event where other groups and individuals are consistently appearing in several shows and events.

Netizens who raised concerns over QWER’s absence in any music program also used references to Tanaka and Needmorecash who participated on The Show of SBS and performed on their single Good Night Ojosama. An ardent fan of K-pop took to social media and stated that he thought there would be a lot of music show fan cams since QWER surged to fame and prominence but they have not been seen anywhere. Thus, he wondered why there were not any and then he watched videos of Magenta and Chodan from their female cam days which left him shocked. He added that it was not that they were not appearing but they could not appear.

Another K-netizen cited that the reason QWER did not appear anywhere was because they were not invited to public broadcasts which might be because of their lack of skill but the music shows can be pre-recorded too. As other K-pop groups are being invited to the public broadcasts, netizens added that QWER should be disappointed, instead, they are realizing they would be successful. The K-netizen also said that if QWER appeared on public broadcasts then there would be a chance they would also be invited to the music programs or shows.

It seems that QWER has not been doing public broadcasts in a bid to focus on their group activities. A fan shared that QWER will start their next album and mark the end of a long wait for QWER’s music show performance. But still, the fans have to wait a little more. Furthermore, the ardent fan of QWER also stated that if you have been waiting for QWER’s music show performance, then the group has a mountain of university festival music performances lined up. It might be the reason, QWER has not been doing any shows because groups usually appear on music programs when they don’t have an events lineup.

For the past few days, K-netizens have been raising questions over QWER’s absence from any music program but the people who criticized QWER for not appearing on music shows, are being jealous. A report claimed that Kim Greyan’s QWER has already garnered 500 million KRW per member. Stay tuned to this to this website for more details and updates.

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