19 July 2024
Red Velvet Member Joy

One of the members of the very popular South Korean girls’ group Red Velvet, Joy found herself at the center of a story regarding her alleged eyelid surgery. The allegations of plastic surgery and bringing change in her appearance through artificial procedures have become a hot topic on the internet. However, it is not the first time Red Velvet’s Joy became a part of widespread discussion over the changes in her appearance, as she also found herself embroiled in a controversy earlier this year when fans speculated about her plastic facial surgery. This time the fans speculated about Red Velvet’s Joy’s eyelid surgery. Is it true? We have come up with this article to address the rumors on behalf of Joy. To get more about Joy’s alleged eyelid surgery, keep reading this article. Scroll down the page.

Red Velvet’s Joy Faces Controversy Over Alleged Eyelid Surgery Rumors

The discussion of Red Velvet Joy’s eyelid surgery ignited after the K-pop idol appeared in several music programs to promote the recently released song of Red Velvet titled Cosmic which also marked the comeback of the girls’ group after a hiatus of 2 and half years. After she visited various music programs to promote Red Velvet’s Cosmic song, the fans shared their reaction to Joy’s new look and speculated if the K-pop idol underwent eyelid surgery.

As a result of rumors sparked about Joy’s changed facial appearance, a widespread discussion over her changed image has taken place on social media where K-netizens are curiously taking part in it. A fan commented that there are many negative comments about Red Velvet’s Joy even more than her peak time, indicating how badly her double eyelid surgery went. The female artist also has to face criticism and harassment even after taking a break due to her illness. Supporting Joy a fan stated that it seems like the online community is accountable for bringing down female artists. Another replied to the same post that it is now confirmed Red Velvet’s Joy ruined her eyelid surgery as her face looks completely different which was better before the surgery.

Protecting the idol, the fans of Red Velvet’s Joy shared that she has already many pretty images in the news lately but still, people are finding and pointing to the worst pictures clicked just to criticize and troll her. The online community of K-pop has divided into two teams, one is criticizing and trolling the female idol while the other is supporting her. A person said Joy has got some puffiness around her eyes but it will be alright once the puffiness fades away.

Despite so much buzz and controversy about her alleged eyelid surgery, the K-pop artist Joy has not responded to address this story. It remains a subject of widespread discussion and debate among the K-netizens. However, we do not believe the rumors are true as there is no concrete evidence of Joy’s eyelid surgery. Due to the lack of official confirmation, Joy’s plastic surgery rumors are being debunked.

As mentioned, it was not the first time when Joy faced criticism and became a center of attention, she also faced facial surgery allegations earlier this year. However, the Red Velvet member responded to the plastic surgery allegations through a series of heartfelt messages she wrote for her fans. But this time, Joy seems not to reply or respond to the rumors claiming she underwent eyelid surgery. Red Velvet released the official music video of its latest song ‘Cosmic’ on June 24, 2024, and a dance performance video featuring Joy, on July 1, 2024. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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