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Rechargeable fans price in india buy rechargeable fans for summer, give air even after power cut, up to 50 percent off – rechargeable fans available with discount on amazon and flipkartNews WAALI

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New Delhi:Rechargeable Fans Price: The intensity of summer is now well felt. Getting out of the house is becoming difficult. Many people have started buying new cooling devices like fans, coolers and ACs. Electronic products come in handy as a relief from the heat of the sun. But, the electricity bill is high. If you are facing this problem, today we are giving you information about one such product. This product can give you cool air even after a power cut. Yes, today we are giving you information about one such rechargeable fan.

This fan can be charged. It can also be used even when there is no electricity. This fan can be purchased from e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. If you want to buy this rechargeable fan, there is an opportunity to buy it at half price from the e-commerce platform. You can buy it from Amazon and Flipkart with 50 percent discount.

Special Features of Rechargeable Fans
The special features of the rechargeable fan is that it is very light in weight. So you can easily take it from one place to another. This means it can be used as a portable fan. Users can charge it with AC and DC chargers. Some fans also have solar panels. The biggest reason for this is that you can get cool air even after a power cut.

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Offers of Rechargeable Fans

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Weri rechargeable fan: A 50 percent discount is available on the purchase of a rechargeable family. This fan is available on Amazon. Its price is 11 thousand 740 rupees. But, after the discount, it can be bought for Rs 5,870.

WorldCare Solar Energy Supporter: Sunlight can also charge this rechargeable fan. This rechargeable fan can be bought from Amazon for just Rs 3,959 with a discount of 51 percent. Its real price is 8 thousand 82 rupees.

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Indiana Rechargeable BLDC Fan: You can buy this fan available on Flipkart for Rs 4,500. There is currently a 49 per cent discount on this. The price of this Indiana fan is 8 thousand 990 rupees.

Smuf RL-7060 AC/DC Rechargeable Fan: Smuff is offering a 37 percent discount on rechargeable fans. Users can buy this fan priced at Rs 7,999 from Flipkart for just Rs 4,999. Apart from discount offers, bank offers are also available when buying rechargeable fans. Users can save by using some selected bank cards. Moreover, you can buy it on EMI.

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