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Ready for your sleep management plan for this summer? | Ready for your sleep management plan for this summer? | Article by N Raghuraman….News WAALI

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  • Ready For Your Sleep Management Plan For This Summer? | Article By N Raghuraman

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar22 minutes ago

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By March 21, spring will begin for all North Indians and the days will get longer from then on. This will continue until the end of summer in June. Naturally, this will also change our sleeping patterns, as the nights will be warmer. In such a situation we can spend some time of the night watching TV or completing unfinished work on the phone and get 6-7 hours of sleep by 8-9 am. Those who are not in a hurry for office work, can get more sleep during the day. So is it okay to sleep late and catch up on naps during the day? Experts say no. Many reasons have been given by him for this. Let’s understand it. All living organisms have a circadian rhythm, known as a 24-hour internal clock. Circadian rhythms are physiological, psychological and behavioral. Humans, like all species on earth, go to sleep after dark and wake up in the morning. We followed this for a long time. During the Mahabharata period, war was forbidden even after sunset. Because the brain produces a hormone called melatonin while sleeping in the dark. Exposure to light at night suppresses melatonin production, researchers say. This affects the body’s circadian rhythm and sleep cycle and consequently affects the functioning of the whole body. How? The two main conditions associated with melatonin are called hypomelatoninemia and hypermelatoninemia. In hypomelatoninemia you suffer from a higher level of sleep disorder, where you fall asleep early at night, ie between 6 and 9 pm and wake up between 2 and 5 am. Such people suffer from 24-hour sleep-wake syndrome, which means that their sleep times are constant, but their internal clock is more than 24 hours. This has a bad effect on the quality of sleep and causes problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, insulin resistance. On the other hand, hypermelatoninemia occurs when melatonin levels are higher than normal at night. This leads to daytime sleepiness, hypothermia and muscle wasting. Many people go to bed early, but thoughts continue to enter their minds, affecting the quality of their sleep. As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, our true life partner is the body. The more you take care of your body, the more your body will take care of you. Eat dinner early and go to bed between 9 and 10 in a dark room. It’s time for melatonin levels to change. The pineal gland produces the most melatonin in the dark, while production decreases in the light. This keeps your performance regular. {Basically, if we plan well for good quality food, water, sleep, many of our problems will end automatically or won’t affect us at all.

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