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Ramshay Yadav is likely to become the next Vice President of NepalNews WAALI

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(Sirish B Pradhan)

Kathmandu, Mar 13 (PTI) Yadav’s elevation to the post is almost certain after an eight-party alliance in Nepal decided to back Madhesi community leader Ramsahai Yadav as the country’s next Vice President.

The election for this position will be held on 17 March.

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Apart from Yadav (52), A.PN-UML Nepal CPN-UML. Lakshmi Shakya and Mamta Jha of Janmat Party are in the fray. Janata Samajwadi Party Vice President candidate Pramila Kumari Yadav withdrew her nomination on Monday.

Ganesh Shah, secretary of the ruling CPN-Maoist Centre, said that although Jha also belongs to the eight-party ruling coalition, the coalition has decided to vote in favor of Ramshay.

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Both Jha and Yadav belong to the Madhesi community and both are part of the eight-party alliance. The Madhesi community in the southern Terai region of Nepal consists mainly of people of Indian descent.

Like the President, the Vice-President is elected by an electoral college which includes members of the Federal Parliament (House of Representatives and the National Assembly) and the Provincial Assemblies.

The total number of electors for the Vice-Presidential election is 882, including 332 Members of Parliament and 550 members of the Legislative Assemblies of the seven states.

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