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PTI was given conditional permission to hold a rally in LahoreNews WAALI

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Lahore: The district administration gave conditional permission to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf to hold a rally in Lahore.

According to the information received by Express News from the sources, on the instructions of the Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi, the officials of the district administration met the PTI leaders and after giving assurance, they allowed the PTI leaders to hold the rally.

According to the sources, the district administration has made it clear to PT leaders that speeches and slogans against the judiciary and institutions or their heads are not allowed in the rally, otherwise action can be taken against the organisers.

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Later, Deputy Commissioner Lahore Rafi Haider issued a consent notice as per the consent given after taking oath by PTI. According to the condition, speeches against the judiciary and institutions are not allowed in the rally In order to improve security, the focal person and PTI officials will cooperate with the relevant security and district administration. TI officials will fully cooperate with r district administration and police traffic.

In the permit, it is written that in case of damage to public property in the event of a rally, the concerned management of PTI will be responsible, the relevant law regarding the use of sound system will be followed. PTI volunteers will fully cooperate with the district administration. Due to the rally, business centers will not be closed or damaged anywhere.

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The license states that employees and all associated persons are not permitted to carry batons, or any related objects, in the rally. No one’s feelings will be hurt during the rally. Reception camps will not be set up anywhere for the rally. There will be no wall chalk on the rally route and no citizen will be included in the parade while the rally ends at 5:30 pm.

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It should be noted that the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, announced a rally in Lahore, but late at night, the Ministry of Interior imposed Section 144 in Lahore and called the Rangers. Heavy police were deployed on the roads leading to Zaman Park and the roads were blocked by placing containers.

Later, PTI filed a petition in Lahore High Court against the deployment of Section 1 Sochforties and Rangers and Provincial President Yasmin Rashid also wrote a letter to the Election Commission.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan then announced that the election rally in Lahore would be postponed till tomorrow and said that PTI workers should not fall into government trap, only PTI was banned, other activities are happening in Lahore, Zaman Park. The container is closed and the police are located.

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