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PTI Leaders Prioritize Zaman Park Over Flood Victims, Sparking Grievances Among KP PeopleNews WAALI

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PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint News / Pakistan Point – 13th March, 2023 ) : People and politicians of Khyber Pakthunkhwa have deplored the indifference of the PTI provincial leadership towards the distressed flood victims and prioritizing Zaman Park apparently to protect Imran Khan.

Criticizing the PTI’s central and provincial leadership, the civil society and politicians said that the hasty dissolution of the KP and Punjab assemblies has added to the woes and worries of hundreds of thousands of flood victims as the previous PTI government despite a ten-year rule had completely failed with providing them with any significant relief apart from addressing their problems.

PMLN spokesperson Ikhtair Wali told APP on Monday that instead of paying attention to flood victims in their areas, PTI KP leadership is more focused on Zaman Park to protect Imran Khan as they have no agenda and vision for the elections general.

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He said the PTI leadership even ignored the flood victims of the flood-hit areas of Swat, Charssada, Nowshera and DI Khan where PTI had won the maximum number of seats in the National and Provincial Assembly in the last general elections.

“A few days ago, the entire nation has seen how the PTI leadership and workers in Zaman Park have violated the laws of the land and prevented the police from performing the duties of officers to serve the court orders on Imran Khan,” he said. , adding that Imran Khan is constantly evasive. • courts in Tosha Khana and other cases, which highlight his high claims in favor of judiciary.

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Ikhtair Wali alleged that PTI used confrontational politics, blame games and accusations after Imran Khan left power by successful no-confidence motion under constitutional and legal procedure.

He said that after the ouster, Imran Khan accused the opposition and state institutions of an uncalled for foreign conspiracy behind the overthrow of his government in an attempt to save his falling popularity, adding that Imran Khan later denied his his own foreign conspiracy narrative in television programs and public gatherings, exposing his immature and negative politics.

He said that the people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa were fed up with the sick policies of PTI as the party failed to address people’s problems in its ten long rule. He said that Imran Khan’s government has plunged the country into an economic quagmire and if her government had continued for a few more weeks, Pakistan could have been plunged into bankruptcy and default today.

Ikhtair Wali said that the current government had no option but to restore the agreement signed by the Imran Khan government with the IMF on very difficult conditions. He said that the high price rise and inflation the nation was facing today was due to the wrong policies of the Imran Khan government, adding that the PTI government, despite repeatedly changing its finance ministers, failed to bring economic stability to the country

He said that the Nawaz Sharif government had successfully completed the IMF agreement in its last tenure and PMLN after coming to power would complete it again. Despite PMLN’s majority in the Punjab elections in the 2018 elections, he said his party was not allowed to form a government in Punjab because of horse-trading by the PTI. Ikhtair Wali said Imran Khan’s wrong policies have burdened the country with huge debt.

A PMLN spokesperson said that the people of KP were fed up with the bad policies of the Imran Khan government, and that PTI would face people’s wrath in upcoming general elections for ignoring millions of flood victims, high price hike and politically empty slogans.

He said that the billion tree project was taken over by the NAB and BRT was built at four times higher cost as compared to Islamabad and Multan metros, so huge tax payers money was wasted.

Ikhtiyar Wali said that PMLN joined the coalition government not for politics but to save the country, adding that the Nawaz Sharif government has built a network of highways and made the defense of the country impregnable.

He said that Nawaz Sharif government has restored peace in the country including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Swat, ex Fata and Karachi and abolished load shedding. He said that the people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Punjab have set high expectations from PMLN as it is the only party that can deliver for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

He said huge amounts could be saved if elections in KP, Punjab and other states other than centers were held simultaneously. The ANP leader, Wajid Ali Khan also accused the provincial leadership of the PTI for focusing more on Zaman Park to protect Imran Khan rather on solving the problems of the people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

“I questioned how PTI would face the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in elections where the latter left millions of flood victims alone and deprived a host of development funds after prematurely dissolving the KP provincial assembly despite enjoying a two-thirds majority here.” He said that Imran Khan had launched the call for Jails Bharo Tahrik in an attempt to appease their dissident workers after they were outraged over the dissolution of the KP and Punjab assemblies. Tribal elders of united areas have also opposed early general elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab states and demanded elections in these states after the completion of census 2023. The ANP leader underlined the need for unity for elections to set the country on track to economic and political stability.