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Pratap Dudhat: Audio clip of Congress MLA Pratap Dudhat goes viral, slams PGVCL official News WAALI

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Pratap Dudhat: Audio clip of Congress MLA Pratap Dudhat goes viral, slams PGVCL official

Pratap Dudhat Viral Audio Clip: At times, they have become so entrenched in power that leaders and officials have become so insignificant that they cannot even maintain the dignity of their position. However, the peculiarity of the age of technology is that it is not uncommon for leaders to err on the side of authority in such a way that their ‘deeds’ do not go viral. In this viral wire, Congress MLA Pratap Dudhat has been embroiled in controversy. An audio clip of Pratap Dudhat, a Congress MLA from Savarkundala, allegedly giving a ‘two-cut’ interval to a PGVCL official over the phone has gone viral. While this viral audio clip may have seen a flurry of one-sided Dudhat supporters, there has been another case of leaders in public life paying the price.

The details of the incident are that Pratap Dudhat had called a senior official of West Gujarat Power Company to give voice to the farmers who were disturbed by the power issues. In Dudhat’s words, the official had asked him to call a farmer on Sunday, a day off. However, Dudhat did not like this and he got agitated.

Listening to the viral audio clip, it seems that Dudhat started arguing with the officer and uttered insults which cannot be shown from this stage. The audio clip has gone viral on social media.

‘You work, don’t do charity …’

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Pratap Dudhat said, if they don’t call you, who will call you, your call center is not running, you are working .. you are not doing charity .. OK.

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‘If no one picks up the phone in the call center, who to call ……. ****% & * &’

Pratap Dudhat, on behalf of his party, said that if no one picks up the phone in your call center, who should you tell? . ****% & * && ^ * / * were heard giving the term.

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Power cuts and light trades

On the one hand, farmers across the state were demanding eight hours of electricity. MLAs, including Dudhat, had raised the issue in the House. The government had announced eight-hour power supply to farmers. However, power cuts have been imposed in various parts of the state since the announcement. However, when it is true that there is a problem with electricity, Dudhat has been put in controversy by giving a period to take the mattress.

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