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prakash sheetal mhatre surve video, ajit dada said on sheetal mhatre-prakash surve video, let milk become water why milk … – ajit pawar comment on prakash surve mhatre sheetal controversial videoNews WAALI

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Mumbai: Accusations and counter-accusations are currently rife due to an offensive video at the rally of MLA Prakash Surve and former corporator Sheetal Mhatre. Sheetal Mhatre has directly accused that the video has been altered and Shiv Sainiks of the Thackeray group have made things viral to defame me. If there is any truth in the video, then a case should be filed against Sheetal Mhatre for indecent behavior in a public place, said MP Sanjay Raut, saying, “Don’t lay hands on our workers to cover up your sins.” The impact of all these video debates was also felt in the Legislative Assembly today. After the aggressive stand of BJP-Shiv Sena women MPs, Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar has also commented on the issue.

What did Ajit Pawar say?

It is very important to maintain one’s character when working in the political field or in fact in any field. Because ordinary people see us as a ‘public figure’. At one time political views may differ, there may be differences of opinion. I don’t need to go into depth about that. However, has anyone deliberately done such things when no representative of the people has done anything? Is there mastery behind it? This should be investigated.

So I have a clear opinion, don’t defame a woman. That video should be clearly investigated and ‘milk ka dudh, pani ka pani’ should be done. Ajit Pawar responded that the people and the House should know what the situation is.

My father is being defamed, Raj Surve ran to the police station, and shouted in the assembly over that video.
RADA on that video also in the Legislative Assembly

The video of former Shiv Sena corporator Sheetal Mhatre should be thoroughly investigated. The morphed video is about the famous woman. How many times does a woman have to come in front of the media and say I’m not wrong, how many times does she have to prove herself. When will action be taken on this? This change will ruin her life. BJP MLA Manisha Chaudhary demanded that action should be taken against whoever did this.

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The video of the woman activist with MLA Prakash Surve was modified and the video went viral. This time is on them today, tomorrow this time may come on you too, so MLA Yamini Jadhav demanded an immediate investigation and strict action against the accused.

Don’t lay hands on our activists to hide your sins, warns Sanjay Raut in Sheetal Mhatre video case
What did Sheetal Mhatre say?

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde attended Prakash Surve’s program in Magathne. There, a video was taken and a wrong song was put on it and a wrong message was written and the video went viral on Matoshree’s Facebook page. Sheetal Mhatre claimed that the video was made viral by the Thackeray group’s IT cell.

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Eknath Shinde has moved on to think of Balasaheb. He felt the need to be with them then. Started working with them. Since then we women have started talking very badly. For the last eight months we have been dealing with trolls in a bad way. However, we did not answer them. Mhatre also said that he pays attention to his work.


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