15 July 2024
Han Ye Seul

Renowned Korean actress Han Ye Seul who inspired millions of people with her slim fit body and strict diet, recently made an unexpected announcement that left everyone who follows her shocked and quite surprised as the actress has decided to quit her diet regimen.

Yes, you read that right, Han Ye Seul decided to quit dieting. Since Han Ye Seul made this unexpected announcement, her fans have been in a frenzy and quite perplexed as well as they are unable to understand why the actress quit her diet regimen.

Although the actress shared the reason for quitting her diet still her fans are unable to process this news. Do you know for how long Han Ye Seul continued her diet before calling it off? If not, keep reading this article as we have taken a deeper dig into this matter and discussed all the imperative aspects that you should know. Scroll down the page.

Han Ye Seul Shocks Fans

The news of Han Ye Seul’s dieting surfaced on Monday, July 8, 2024, i.e. today, when actress Han Ye Seul shared a post on Instagram. The actress used her Insta handle to convey this news.

Han Ye Seul who had been making headlines and gaining the attention of the K-netizens for her relatable and human side, recently announced that she can not do this anymore. The decision to stop diet came after just two weeks when Han Ye Seul decided to follow a diet regimen.

While announcing her decision not to follow the diet regimen further, Han Ye Seul said she could not do that anymore after two weeks of dieting. The actress also shared a photo along with this message. She revealed that she had been rigorously managing her diet and following a very strict diet regimen for two weeks but she is not supposed to follow it anymore.

As the actress ended her diet regimen after just two weeks, she has become a subject of widespread discussion among the K-netizens who are criticizing her for playing tactics to gain viewers’ attention while some also take a stand for Han Ye Seul.

As far as we know, Han Ye Seul started following a strict diet regimen on June 24, 2024, and she also used to share her daily diet regimen on her Instagram account. In her diet, Han Ye Seul used to consume eatable items like cucumbers, tomatoes, meat, and a small amount of rice.

During the period of her diet regimen, many people also praised the actress’s dedication to maintaining her fitness and keeping a slim body but nobody had thought she would abandon her diet plan after just two weeks.

This is why she has become the topic of the town as K-netizens are speculating why did Han Ye Seul quit her diet. However, the actress did not cite any particular reason for calling off her strict diet regimen after just two weeks. Thus, it remains a subject of discussion for her followers and admirers.

The decision to quit her diet came after Han Ye Seul’s honeymoon. Last month, Han Ye Seul got married to her boyfriend. After registering their marriage, the newlywed couple went on their honeymoon. Han Ye Seul and her 10 years younger husband recently returned from their honeymoon.

Shortly after her honeymoon, Han Ye Seul announced that she was not supposed to follow the strict diet regimen anymore without citing any reason, leaving her fans perplexed and adding a layer of intrigue among them. A particular reason for Han Ye Seul’s decision to stop diet is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned.

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