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Police supporters clash outside Imran Khan’s houseNews WAALI

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The house of the country’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan, located in Zaman Park, Lahore, Pakistan, is currently riddled with clashes and violence between the police and PTI supporters. Armed forces have been sent to arrest Imran Khan, but his supporters are standing outside and not allowing the police to enter. Imran Khan himself has said that his men will not even listen to him now. He has now expressed hope from the judiciary.

At the same time, he also asked the Government of Pakistan to take a decision in the interest of the people. There is a clash between PTI workers and the police for the second consecutive day. Armored vehicles were marched towards Imran Khan’s home for his arrest. Imran Khan has expressed fear that the real intention behind the drama of his arrest is to capture and kill him. Videos of police firing have also surfaced.

Imran Khan’s party, PTI, has released the video claiming that the policemen are firing outside his house. A hearing is also to be held against the arrest order in the Islamabad High Court. Punjab state police say 54 of its soldiers have been injured. Imran Khan asked what is his crime? At the same time, he said that such an attack on the house of any politician has not been seen in Pakistan. He said he wanted to go to jail, but his supporters stopped him because after that the leaders of his party would be tortured.

Imran Khan’s supporters also set a government water tank on fire in Lahore. Many vehicles were also burnt. Police say stones are being thrown at him. Due to security reasons, Imran Khan did not attend several court hearings. Tear gas shells are also fired towards Imran Khan’s house. Imran Khan’s party leaders say hundreds of his supporters have been injured. Sections of terrorism have also been imposed on Imran Khan.