16 July 2024

Despite the laws prohibiting child marriage in Pakistan, incidents of marriages involving children or minors are occurring in the country. Recently, a similar incident was reported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan where the police intervened just before the nikah ceremony took place and stopped the marriage involving a minor girl and an elder man. The shocking revelation of the story is that the father of the minor girl was paid to agree to his daughter’s marriage to an elderly man. Yes, you read that right,  the Pakistani man sold his daughter to an elderly man and received a huge amount in return. Since this story broke out, people have been outraged and demanding strict action against the girl’s father and the elderly man. Meanwhile, we have gathered some important details about this incident, which you should learn in the following sections. Swipe down the page.

This case was reported from Charsadda town of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where police apprehended a groom who is 72 years of age, for marrying a minor girl whose age is said to be just 12 years old, under the Child Marriage Act. According to the reports, the Pakistani police responded in large numbers to stop the illegal marriage of a minor girl and arrested people responsible for this marriage. The girl’s father who sold his minor daughter to an elderly man is identified as Alam Syed while the elderly groom who was marrying the 12-year-old girl is identified as Habib Khan.

Sources have confirmed that Habib Khan paid a sum of PKR 500,000 to the minor girl’s father Alam Syed to buy his minor daughter for the marriage purpose. In addition, Pakistani police also arrested Nikah Khwan, the officiant who solemnized this illegal marriage. However, Alam Syed, the father of the 12-year-old bride fled from the marriage ceremony upon hearing that police arrived there to take action against them. The marriage of the minor girl with a 72-year-old man was intervened and stopped just before the Nikkah ceremony could start.

Meanwhile, Pakistan police have complained and registered the case against the minor girl’s father Alam Syed who sold his daughter to an elderly man for PKR 500,000, Habib Khan who was marrying the minor girl, and Nikah Khwan who solemnized the illegal marriage under the Child Marriage Act. It is shocking to hear that people are still involved in child marriage and such incidents are occurring in the country despite strict laws against child marriage. In recent times, Pakistan police have responded to similar events where minor girls were forcibly marrying elderly men. Scroll down the page.

Likewise, in Rajanpur of Punjab, a minor girl whose age was 11 years old was getting married to a man whose age was 40 years. Still, the police somehow learned about this illegal marriage and quickly responded there to stop this marriage. Another incident involving a minor child in marriage was reported from Thatta where a minor girl was marrying a 50-year-old man who was the landlord but police intervened at the last moment and stopped the marriage.

In another shocking turn of events, police in Swat arrested a man whose age was 70 years, for marrying a 13-year-old minor girl on May 6, 2024. Police arrested the marriage witnesses alongside the girl’s father, Nikah Khwan. After taking action against the girl’s father, the minor girl was taken to a hospital for her medical checkup. The recent case of Alam Syed and Habib Khan has raised alarm and concerns about increasing child marriage incidents within the country. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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