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pm modi australian pm in ahmedabad india australia cricket matchNews WAALI

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The mouth of foreign journalists remained open. On a chariot-shaped golf cart, behind which were elaborately decorated cricket bats, the Prime Ministers of the two countries circled a cricket field. The field was the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, where the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, together with the guest of the country, the Prime Minister of Australia, greeted the crowd raised with the money of the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, receiving greetings from him. It was not a crowd of cricket lovers, but of ‘Modi lovers’. But she herself did not even come to see her leader. Perhaps if she had to spend something out of her own pocket to catch a glimpse of her leader, she would have stayed at home and enjoyed watching him on the TV screen. But in India everything has become a farce. Just like the vehicle that is said to be a golf cart, so is the public that is seen as a crowd raised with money. Just like the Prime Minister appears, he is actually just a volunteer of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The visible government is a machine to hold the country.

nothing really. When Modi’s lovers were ecstatically looking at their image, his hand was shaking in their direction, but he himself was looking at the camera, not at his visitors. There was no public in his eyes, the camera used to record him for the future. These pictures reveal a lot. On one side is the Prime Minister of Australia who looks at the crowd carelessly with the camera, on the other side is Narendra Modi who has his hands and eyes in two directions.

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You are zooming in on this picture. There are many such pictures. The smile of the Prime Minister of Australia is natural, his neck and his hands in greeting in the same direction. On the other hand, Narendra Modi looks at the camera carefully. There is a forced smile on the lips. But the eyes and lips give you the sense of an insecure man. I don’t know, how will I look in the picture, or even if the camera is not on my side, am I left out?

People’s attention has gone to the relationship between the camera and Narendra Modi earlier too. Maybe Narendra Modi’s people also know that their leader is self-obsessed. But he doesn’t care. That is because it becomes an argument for the narcissism that is hidden within that public. That public considers itself the best, the most beautiful. With self-hatred comes the tendency to view others as inferior. A person who betrays this feeling and tendency comes before him and this public makes him their leader.

Everyone has heard the story of Narcissus. So captivated by her beauty that when he went to the lake and was thirsty, he kept seeing his own image in the water and died of thirst. Two stories of Narad are famous among Hindus. One of them is the story of Narad considering himself as the greatest devotee. To break this arrogance, the Lord asked him to carry a bowl full of oil on his head, taking care not to spill the oil. Narad remained busy handling the bowl of oil and did not meditate on Narayan even once. In this way the Lord Himself broke Narad’s pride of considering himself as the most devoted devotee by chanting “Narayan Narayan” throughout the day. In another story, in a democracy, the people are considered God. When he considers someone else as his God, then what is the way to save him? Who should teach whom a lesson? May they both be happy scratching each other’s backs!

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Although the people of India, especially the Hindus, and the BJP voters among them, may be in the grip of this disease, the eyes of the people of other countries are open and so are their minds. That is why the Australian journalists were surprised to see such a brazen use of the game of cricket to burnish the image of the Prime Minister of India. The occasion was the cricket match between India and Australia. The day belonged to the players and the game. The politician grabbed him. Using a foreign Prime Minister to influence his people is a disgusting myth. He found it absurd to praise himself in his presence. Also that he takes his photo as a gift this time. They could not question the Prime Minister of India. That is why he asked his Prime Minister why he took part in this show.

This was not the only question. It was asked why to tolerate an intolerant person? The Australian journalist had no doubt in writing that Narendra Modi is intolerant.

Going further than this, he also asked why the Prime Minister of Australia did not think anything about the feelings of Usman Khawaja, the player of his cricket team, who was killed in the same Gujarat in 2002, who was then the Chief Minister of Gujarat. and Who is the Prime Minister of India today? Why was Khwaja forced to face such a man and cause him emotional pain?

Anyone can say that the massacre of Muslims in 2002 was an internal matter for India. But the famous Australian sports journalist doesn’t think so. A sports journalist may ask this question, it is unthinkable in India.

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Everyone knows that among the people of India, Gaurang Prabhu still deserves respect among the people of Hindutva. So, after Donald Trump, the people of Gujarat are forced to forget that the great leaders of the world are with Narendra Modi by making them see the Prime Minister of Australia. This is not because of Modi, because of the size of India and its strategic position, people do not think this. It was still necessary for Modi to do this because after the BBC film criticism and the Hindenburg revelation, Narendra Modi wants to prove that he has fans outside India.

Be that as it may, except for Sharda Ugra, no sports journalist in India has criticized this farce. This is yet another proof of our mental addiction. Then a foreign sports journalist said that when a leader is praised, he becomes a king. I wish we could say that sometime! May we have such courage and wisdom.