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Pimpri: … Income cannot be hidden now!News WAALI

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Milind Kamble

Pimpri: A survey of 3 lakh 70 thousand buildings, bungalows and houses in the city has been conducted on behalf of Pimpri-Chinchwad Smart City Company. The survey revealed information about rising unrecorded construction income, changed in use. Therefore, from now on, an individual income record from the city cannot be hidden from the municipality. Every year crores of rupees will be added to the municipality’s coffers from the newfound income.

Tax is collected from new income
Non-resident use of residential property, non-registration, alteration of construction, construction of additions, etc., have been observed in hundreds of income surveys. Income tax will be recovered from the newly discovered income. It will add crores to the municipality’s income every year. Due to this survey, an individual income record cannot be hidden in the city. As a result, income tax must be paid on all income such as residential, non-residential, mixed, industrial.

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The municipality has a record of around 6 lakh income in the city. Smart City Company surveys all residential and non-residential properties in the city with GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping by Atos India Pvt. Ref. and Nashen Infotech Pvt. Ref. It is done through this company. 100 to 150 rakans of different types are collected by going door to door. In it, information is taken about the members of the household, Aadhaar number, type of income, changes in it, tap and electricity connection, water consumption from boring etc. So far 3 lakh 70,000 income survey has been completed out of 5 lakh in the city.

What is a lidar survey?
Lidor is a sensor system. The exact height, length, width and thickness of the object is recorded with the help of Google Maps. Its accuracy is said to be accurate within 10 centimeters. Therefore, there is no need to go to the actual place and take measurements. This work can be done by mapping the mobile app.

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A useful survey for various tasks
The collected data is given to the municipality’s tax collection department. The department in question imposes income tax at a fixed rate by giving notice to the holders of income in question. It will increase the municipality’s income through income tax. Also, a lidar survey will facilitate the work of water supply, drainage, construction and other departments as an accurate measurement of the city will be available. This work is to be completed by March 31, 2023. All the information collected will be kept at the command and control center in Nigdi, said Kiranraj Yadav, co-chief executive officer of Smart City Company.

Lidor Survey 100 percent complete
A 360-degree LiDAR survey has been conducted throughout the city using vehicles. All types of information such as land properties, trees, rivers and drains in the city have been collected in the LIDOR survey. Officials said the work is 97 percent complete. Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto and military sectors were not inspected due to secrecy. The survey gives accurate information about every property on the land.

Municipal buildings, light poles, signal poles, dividers, footpaths, roads, flyovers, boundary walls, drainage and water supply channels, chambers, bus stands, BRT embankments etc. have been collected with precise measurements. As this information will be available on the mobile app, the relevant department of the municipality will be able to plan the work correctly in that context. It does not need to be re-measured. Also, accurate information about trees will also be available. Officials claim that Pimpri-Chinchwad city is the first to conduct such a survey.

Delay in survey costing 7 crores 70 lakhs
The work order for the survey was issued with a total cost of 7 crores 70 lakhs on 19 January 2021. First, a mobile app was developed with the required information. The system was made according to the elements that the concerned department of the municipality wanted to include. After that the survey itself started in January 2022. The term of the work was until November 2022. However, the survey was postponed due to the Corona epidemic and other reasons. So far 74 percent of the work has been completed. After the extension, the inspection work will be completed on March 31, 2023, Smart City officials said.

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