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People from bride and groom’s side together beat Maulvi with sticks: DJ refused to teach Nikah, family members also in hospitalNews WAALI

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A case has come to light in Bijnor, where the people of the bride and groom together beat the Maulfi who had come to teach Nika. In fact, the Maulvi had refused to teach Nikah, objecting to DJ being played at Nikah. At this the bride’s side first became angry and attacked her. Not only was the Maulvi severely beaten with sticks, but his family members were also beaten to death.

Many people including women were injured in the battle. All the injured are being treated at CHC Hospital. One person’s condition is critical, in such a situation his treatment goes on in the district hospital. Relatives of the victim Maulvi have also lodged a complaint at the police station. The said Maulvi lives in Basta area. He was annoyed by the DJ being played at the Nikah ceremony. For about an hour the people from the bride and groom’s side kept pleading with him.

Despite this, he left after refusing to teach Nika. After this another clergyman was called. But, this Maulvi also filled his ears and also ran away. The wedding procession was also delayed by 5 hours because the anger of the people increased. Somehow a third Maulfi came in, who taught Nika. After this the bride’s side attacked the Maulvi’s house. It is said that some people from the groom’s side are also involved in this.

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It is said that there is a lot of lathi-baton in the whole episode. Many women from the clergy’s family have been injured. The culprit Maulvi said that he had advised to follow Islamic customs and faith in Nikah and had forbidden DJ playing. However, he has denied that the other cleric stuffed his ears. He told the Maulfi that these people had reached his house and attacked him. Police said action is being taken as per law after registering the report.

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