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Peace policy of the People’s Republic of ChinaNews WAALI

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Two major powers but the attitude of China and USA is different from other countries. China has a rich cultural heritage and an ancient civilization. The People’s Republic of China is famous for its responsible and peaceful policy towards the entire international community. China is a peaceful country and China’s peace policy has tried to promote peaceful development by advocating for a more multipolar world order and China not interfering and respect for sovereignty in a unique policy in the current modern world. in 1978 the Chinese Government lunched on economic reforms and focused on a positive objective only but the pattern of the other side of international politics was completely changed. 27 December 1979 when the intervention of Russia in Afghanistan and the USA involved in the Afghan crisis until 1991 and once again the American war in Afghanistan between 14 October 2001 and 15 August 2021 revealed the failure of the USA in Afghanistan badly. After 1979 until today the Student of History and International Politics noticed two theories of approach of the main power. Approach number 1 is occupying the land and resources of a poor nation and the Super power USA chooses approach number 1 and forces war on Afghanistan and other parts of the world.
China chose method number 2 PRC to introduce economic cooperation, people to people connectivity, cultural exchange program and joint agreement with many state for developing people’s welfare especially for third world countries. Third world countries like second approach and have developed close coordination with China and that is why in recent years China’s peaceful policy is admired in all parts of the world. China has never occupied the land and resources of other countries and China has never been involved in the internal affairs of any state. From 2001 the US military will dine foreign intervention. The attitude of China and the USA is completely different to the international community as a detailed analysis of a superpower from the last 20 years is evident from the strategy of the United States for the war in Afghanistan 2001-2021 the superpower attacked poor Afghanistan. In March 2003 the United States with the support of several allies attacked Iraq, the United States officially ended its mission to fight against Iraq in 2011. War in Syria 2014 presents the United States together with other countries have been part of the Syrian civil war since 2014. The Yemeni civil war 2015 The US has been involved in the Yemeni civil war since 2015, providing military support to Saudi Arabia and its allies in the fight against the Houthi rebels the conflict has led to a humanitarian crisis with thousands of people killed and a million displaced. War in Somalia 2001 introduced the United States has been involved in Somalia since 2001. peaceful China introduced the policy of respect, cooperation, China has played an increasingly prominent role in international development of the past 20 years. PRC has signed a large number of joint agreement with other states. Regional free trade agreement signed with several regional states.
China’s ASEAN free trade agreement and massive Chinese investment in regional partners is the main policy of the Chinese government. China signed the Belt and Road agreement with more than 140 countries and international organizations to promote the outstanding BRI global project covering a wide range of infrastructure sectors including transport energy and telecommunications, port construction, railways, highways and power plants. the main project under the China BRI umbrella. The Chinese concept of development is truly unique and surprising to the rest of the world. How China helps a third world country in a very cooperative way, how Chinese investment changed the shape of a region like an African region is a clear example in front of us. China has provided aid, loans and technical assistance of economic and social development. China offered a scholarship for students from developing countries to study in China. During covid-19 once again China plays a very responsible role in such a humanitarian crisis as a natural disaster. China provided medical supplies, vaccines and financial assistance to countries around the world. Over the past 20 years China’s positive attitude and responsible behavior have made it an important partner for many countries.

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