21 July 2024

Tzuyang is a well-known and talented YouTuber who is popular among multiple people. Recently, the Youtuber’s name has been trending on social media platforms due to the live broadcast. Famous YouTuber Tzuyand revealed that she suffered abuse, extortion, and violence from her ex-boyfriend A for four years, which has generated an uproar in various online communities in South Korea. Since the news went out on the social media platforms uncounted reactions started hitting the headlines as many people were shocked. Now people are curious to know about the full information about it. This article will cover all the important details about the news.

Tzuyang’s Shocking Revelation

On 11 July, Youtuber Tzuyang held a live broadcast accompanied by her legal delegates to confess that she had suffered as a victim of extortion and violence for four years. She stated,” I was hit daily while doing broadcasts. Sometimes I even went on broadcast with a bruised face. What further generated uproar among people was the fact that when Tzuyang proceeded to press charges against her ex-boyfriend A. Her ex-boyfriend is no longer because he took his own life, ending the case without any person indicted. Swipe up the next page for more information about the news.

In light of the recent news, the topic of Tzuyang’s often buried arms. This news went viral on the social networking site and gathered a huge attention from the people. In the past, many fans had pointed out her bruised arms during her broadcasts, asking if she was a fool who hurt herself often. But, after learning the truth, Korean people fumed with anger. In particular, several pointed out that the bruises on her arms were defense injuries, often discovered on the hands and forearms if a victim of violence increased them to save the head and face. Don’t forget to read the full article till the end.

When, the YouTuber disclosed that she suffered from violence, abuse, and extortion from her ex-boyfriend. Many people were saddened and shocked and uncounted reactions started hitting the headlines. One user commented “This truly breaks my heart” and a second user wrote, “I thought all this time that she got those bruises from cooking… I can’t envision how much she suffered TT”. Another user also commented, “How can anyone do that to such a small girl… This is infuriating”. Many people have commented after learning the cause of her injuries. In this article, you will get the full information about the news.

Many people are shocked as no one had imagined that the YouTuber would have suffered so much. At this time many people are searching the YouTube name as they are curious to know about about her. As we mentioned, Tzuyang is a talented and popular South Korean YouTuber. She was born on 25 April 1997 in Seoul, South Korea and she is presently 27 years old. Her real name is Park Jung-won but she is popular as Tzuyang. You are on the right page for more information about the news.

Youtube vlogger is best known for her mukbang videos. She is very popular among the people and she has more than ten million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is known for eating large amounts of food while taking the time to review. She started her YouTube channel on 19 November 2018 and on her channel she has posted more than 340 videos. She is a talented person who achieved huge success in her career. Now many people are curious to know about her family but still, there is no information about it as it has been not disclosed yet. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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