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oscars 2023 award winners get gift bags worth more than 1 crore, holiday includes 60 things – oscars 2023 award winners get gift bags worth rs 1 crore rrrNews WAALI

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los angeles – The 95th Academy Awards were recently handed out. Many attendees of the event took home the glittering trophy of the beautiful golden man. Interestingly, the actors who had to settle for nominations will not have to go home empty handed. Even if someone doesn’t walk away with the coveted trophy, one thing is 100 percent sure that no one will return empty-handed.

Each year, tens of thousands of dollars in gifts are awarded to the list of Oscar nominees in the major categories. Since 2002, Distinctive Assets, a marketing company based in Los Angeles, has been giving gifts to everyone. It is said that the price of gift bags given this year is as much as 1 crore 3 lakh 25 thousand 826 rupees.

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What exactly is in the Oscar goody bag?

This bag contains more than 60 cosmetics and other essential items. Along with expensive trips to an estate in Canada called Lifestyle, as well as accommodation for eight in an Italian lighthouse, a piece of land in Queensland, Australia.
Apart from this, those looking to redecorate their home have a package worth $25,000 from Myson Construction, which includes services such as lipo arm sculpting, hair restoration services and a makeover.

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With more than 50 percent of the products in the gifts coming from women- and minority-owned companies, this year the gifts will be delivered in Havaianas bags. Skincare products by Miyaz include silk pillow case by Blush Silk, travel pillow by Peta and products by Ariadne Athens Skin Wellness, All Better Co., Bored Rebel, Daily Energy Cards, Effecti-cal, Kind Reason Co., KnowingLabs.

Maison Construction, NaturGeeks, Rareté Studios, ReFa, Proflexa, Oxygenetix, and The Millions-Billions-Trillions brand. While low cost gifts include $ packs of Clif Thins and Japanese milk bread from Ginza Nishikawa.

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Who gets goody bags?

Oscar gift bags will be awarded to the director and nominees for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. These individuals also have the right to refuse donations. Last year, actor Denzel Washington refused to accept gifts while actor JK Simmons donated gifts to charity, as did George Clooney in 2006.
Although the products and services in the bag are free, those who receive the gifts are taxed as a form of income.

How did the tradition begin?

Since the 1990s, the tradition of giving presents to presenters and actors at the Oscars began. Initially, brands were not charged anything to donate, now they have to spend at least Rs 3 lakh 23 thousand 669 to participate in the event. Over time, there were more changes. The biggest change came in 2006 when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences selected and awarded awards.

Some controversial gifts

Swag bags include trips abroad, in 2016, a 4.444 million rupees trip to Israel by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and travel company ExploreIsrael.com was controversial. The groups US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Jewish Voice for Peace published a Skip the Trip ad against the trip.

The 2020 gift bag, considered one of the most expensive, included a 24-carat gold Royal Charka bath bomb, a 24-carat gold pen from Hollowtips and a one-year subscription to the matching service. Also last year, merchandise included a plastic surgery procedure, PETA’s emergency hammer for smashing car windows while rescuing dogs in distress, and PETA and molecular hydrogen water. In 2019, the nominees were offered membership to the cannabis-friendly social club Mota in Los Angeles.


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