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Nusrat Jahan: “What will you do at twelve o’clock?”, Nusrat was trolled for posting the video.News WAALI

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Nusrat Jahan: Despite traveling extensively, Nusrat Jahan’s fans did not hesitate to shower her with love.

In a word, Nusrat Jahan is the star queen of Tolipara. Ever since entering the world of Bengali films, the senior has failed to win the hearts of fans in his career or on screen, though he has not been in one controversy after another. According to him, what he is today is only because of his efforts. There was no hard time without family. Since then Bengali cinema has traveled a long way in the world. Apart from this, Nusrat Jahan also wrote his name in politics. He has been balancing all aspects single-handedly since the beginning. He is also very active on social media. Every day he posts something for his fans. Sometimes a video and sometimes a picture is circulated around the net, so speculation is high. This time there was no exception. However, despite the extreme trolls, Nusrat’s fans did not forget to shower him with love.

Nusrat Jahan shared a video on social media on Wednesday. Posted in popular pink fashion. Bold look without makeup. However, after watching the video, the group of netizens became very angry. Everyone said in one sentence that Nusrat was more beautiful in her previous form. One commenter wrote – The whole dozen of Vat has been played. Another wrote, she looked more beautiful. Some people comment again – plastic surgery has become very uncomfortable and diet has changed it all. Another goddess’s complaint – what will you do if you face twelve blows? You were beautiful before.

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Although Nusrat Jahan has opened her mouth many times in the past, she used to worry about trolls at first. But now he is not worried about these things. Because only one thing, trolls helped him to be strong. Now listen this matter has become difficult. As a result, Nusrat Jahan does not think much about who says what to her. He is very busy with his family and career.