19 July 2024
Hold X

The K-pop boy band NTX recently treated their fans with a glimpse of their upcoming album titled Hold X.

Amid the growing buzz of their keenly awaited and much-anticipated album Hold X, NTX shared a highlight of their upcoming album. The teaser hinted at the diverse tracks that are part of this album. Since NTX teased the fans with the medley teaser of Hold X, the fans have been in a frenzy to learn more about the upcoming album.

When Hold X will be released, has become a lingering question for the NTX fans. If you are scrambling to the web regarding NTX’s upcoming album, then the following sections are waiting for you. In the following sections, we have not only mentioned the release date but also shared details of some tracks that are part of this album. Keep reading this article for more information. Swipe down.

Hold X’ by NTX to Drop on July 9, 2024

As their album is about to be released in a couple of days, the K-pop boy band shared an electrifying medley teaser of the album in a bid to increase the buzz and heighten the excitement among the fans. However, the buzz of their upcoming album Hold X can be witnessed on social media where fans have been showing their excitement by sharing several posts about it.

Despite Hold X being abuzz with the energetic medley teaser, many are still not aware of when this album is releasing. Take a peek below to learn its release date.

K-pop album NTX confirmed the release date of their much-anticipated album Hold X it is scheduled to be officially released on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. According to the reports, the second mini album of NTX, Hold X will be officially dropped at noon KST. The long-awaited mini album of NTX is just only two days away from now.

Thus, the group is not leaving any stone unturned in promoting the album ahead of its release. They released the medley highlight of their upcoming second mini-album particularly to ignite the craze among the fans.

Speaking of the medley highlight of Hold X, the video hints at the diverse tracks that are part of this mini-album. The teaser also confirms that NTX has included songs from the upbeat and energetic to the chill and relaxing range.

Problematic and Kick It The Door are the energetic and upbeat tracks in Hold X while Myful and Ivy Booth are the relaxing and melodious songs in the mini-album. The medley highlight of NTX’s Hold X was released the group unveiled stylish content photos to ignite the buzz of the album.

The recently released concept photos of Hold X confirmed the Rock version of the album. In the Rock version concept, photos of Hold X, NTX members pose after just getting out of a fight, hinting at a bold sound for their upcoming mini-album.

This rock version concept photos of every NTX member have pumped up the buzz of the album. The excitement among NTX fans can be realized on social media where innumerable fans have shared the concept photos of their album.

NTX is a South Korean boy band and it is formed by Victory Company. This group is composed of nine members Hyeonjin, Jaemin, Yunhyeok, Changhun, Rawhyun, Hojun, Eunho, Seungwon, and Jiseong. Initially, the group was composed of ten members but Gihyun exited the group on November 6, 2022.

NXT officially marked its debut on March 30, 2021, when they released the song “Kiss The World” from their first extended play Full of Lovescapes. Stay tuned to this website.

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