21 July 2024
The Return of Superman

The recent episode of KBS 2TV’s show “The Return of Superman” aired on Sunday, July 7, 2024, made a boy quite famous in the country, named Niccolo whose uncle DinDin marvels at his beauty.

Not to mention, Niccolo surged to fame and earned recognition across the country due to his doll-like appearance. Meanwhile, the audience of The Return of Superman has become keen to learn more about him.

There were many people on the internet, who were curiously searching for the details of Niccolo. To cater to the queries regarding Niccolo, we have poured in everything that is known about this little kid. Kindly stick with this page and follow it to the end. Swipe down the page.

Niccolo Captivates Hearts on ‘The Return of Superman’ with Doll-Like Appearance

The episode in which Niccolo appeared was titled Hoi! Hoi! May All Your Wishes Come True and this episode also featured MCs, Ahn Youngmi and Choi Ji-woo. Additionally, the fathers of the kids were also featured, such as Choi Minhwan, Moon Heejun, Jason, Kim Junho, and DinDin whose nephew Niccolo gained attention for his extraordinary looks and skill as well.

If you missed the July 7th episode of The Return of Superman, then you must be wondering why this little kid is gaining attention from everyone. The reason for his sudden fame is his ability to speak three languages fluently and his doll-like appearance.

The KBS 2TV show also featured Niccolo’s uncle DinDin who appeared on the show and took on the role of caregiver for the day. Superman’s dad DinDin revealed that his nephew was born in March 2021 and he is of mixed ethnicities as he boasts Korean and Italian descent. However, it was not only his amazing looks but Niccolo’s skill of speaking three languages at the age of three, that impressed everyone on the show and the broader audience of the show.

Alongside DinDin, his mother also appeared on the Hoi! Hoi! May All Your Wishes Come True episode of The Return of Superman, where she prepares a sumptuous feast for her grandson Niccolo and son DinDin, which makes everyone crave it. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

Niccolo’s grandmother was focusing only on Niccolo’s side dishes while sitting with her back to her son DinDin who cracked a joke by expressing jealousy at seeing his mother doting on his nephew, he said before Niccolo was born he was the king of the house.

Everyone was curious to know about Niccolo’s doll-like looks which was addressed by DinDin who humorously said that he got his doll-like appearance from his genes. He further said his parents are not particularly outstanding, so it seems his exceptional genes went to Niccolo.

As the audience was also curious to learn about Niccolo’s hair, on the show it was also revealed that Niccolo’s uncle DinDin has worked as a military barber thus his experience of working as a barber eventually led him to turn into Niccolo’s hairstylist. Three-year-old Korean-Italian boy Niccolo’s doll-like appearance was further solidified by his hairstyle which sparked a discussion over DinDin’s past experience as a military barber.

However, Niccolo’s Superman dad DinDin expressed his concerns that he is a former military barber but his comrades don’t move but kids do. Thus he is concerned about what if the kid suddenly turns his head and gets hurt. The studio MCs repeatedly said he was so cool and handsome after DinDin successfully trimmed Niccolo’s hair and gave him a new look. DinDin was also praised for perfectly trimming Niccolo’s hair and giving him the desired hairstyle. Stay tuned to this website.

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