15 July 2024
Danielle and Park Bo Gum

On Monday, July 8, 2024, celebrities from South Korea, Japan, and other countries attended an event titled Celine Show held in Osaka, Japan.

Among several celebrities, the two most attractive personalities papped at the event were NewJeans member Danielle and Park Bo Gum who made a striking appearance at the event. Since Park Bo Gum and NewJeans member Danielle were spotted in Osaka, Japan, they have been creating headlines on the internet and leaving fans intrigued about their looks.

Interestingly, both Park Bo Gum and Danielle grabbed the eye because of their impeccable style and fashion sense. Their hats were eye-catching pieces of their outfits at the Celine Show in Osaka, Japan, on Monday, July 8, 2024.

Park Bo Gum Turns Heads in All-Black Ensemble at Celine Show in Osaka

Their pictures from this event have surfaced on social media and turning everyone’s heads, prompting a discussion about their impeccable fashion sense. Let’s delve into the details and take a sneak peek at their presence at the Celine show. Drag down the page.

The two aforementioned celebrities drew the most attention with their fashion sense and impeccable style. At the event, Park Bo Gum and Danielle wore stunning outfits which left the fans captivated by their impetuous outfits as Park Bo Gum styled in a stylish and sophisticated all-black outfit. He was wearing a long black coat that was paired with a white shirt but the most eye-catching and standout piece of his stunning outfit was the black hat.

Upon seeing the picture and video of Park Bo Gum from the Celine show in Osaka, the fans reacted amazingly to Park Bo Gum’s breathtaking appearance but some also expressed their concerns over his health because he was wearing a long coat in the hot weather of Osaka, Japan.

Upon seeing the celebrity attending the event in a long and thick black coat with a wide-brimmed black hat, some of his fans were thrown into a frenzy if he was fine. However, there is no official report indicating Park Bo Gum’s health is not good. Take a look at the next section to read how the fans reacted to Park Bo Gum’s appearance at Celine. Scroll down.

On social media many of his fans have reacted to the stunning outfit that he wore at Celine, one said his breathtaking visuals are so amazing but his outfit looks so hot when Osaka is burning right now. Another expressed his concern over Park Bo Gum’s health by saying I am the only one who thinks his outfit is too thick and warm in the hot weather of Osaka.

It’s summer and he is sporting a long black coat, he must be sweating inside. A fan compared Park Bo Gum with Grimreaper from the Goblin drama. Nevertheless, a fan said Park Bo Gum chose to wear a thick and long coat in the wrong season. Continue reading this article and learn more about Danielle’s stunning outfit.

NewJeans member Danielle attended the Celine event in Osaka, Japan, in a chic white outfit perfectly exuding her charm. Danielle also wore a unique white hat matching her two-piece dress. To heighten her charisma, the NewJeans member also kept her hair cascading over her shoulders.

However, her makeup was lighter than usual. She decided to attend the event in natural and fresh makeup. Reacting to Danielle’s outfit, particularly her distinctive hat, a person said she looks gorgeous in her hat which is very unique. A fan of Danielle also compared her to a doll and anime character. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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