15 July 2024

It has not been a long time since rookie K-pop girl group NewJeans debuted but this group is not in the mood to slow down and leave any stone unturned in making their career record remarkable.

Most recently, the aforementioned South Korean girl group achieved the milestone of the most streamed album by a girl group in the history of Melon Music. Yes, you read that right, NewJeans’s debut album has become the most streamed girl group album in Melon Music history.

Nevertheless, this achievement of NewJeans is remarkable in their career history of just two years. Achieving this milestone is incredibly great because NewJeans’s album became the most streamed album by any girl group in Melon history, within two years.

To celebrate this achievement of NewJeans, let’s explore more details of their debut album in the following section. Scroll down the page.

NewJeans Makes History

With the remarkable feat of surpassing all the albums by girl groups, NewJeans’s NWJNS has become the most streamed album in Melon Music history. Nevertheless, the debut album of NewJeans also surpassed Blackpink’s album “THE ALBUM” which previously held this record on Melon Music.

According to the reports, NWJNS surpassed all the other albums on Monday, July 8, 2024, to become the most streamed album by any girl group on Melon Music. With this remarkable feat, the girl group NewJeans album has become the center of attention.

For the unversed, the girl group, NewJeans debuted back in July 2022. Shortly after their debut, NewJeans rapidly surged to the top with their captivating song and performances. Shortly after rising to the top, NewJeans released its debut album, and their tracks like Hype Boy, Attention, Hurt, and Cookie, turned heads earning recognition globally.

Speaking of the streams, the debut album of NewJeans, NWJNS has surpassed every album with 555.2 million streams and secured the top spot on Melon Music. Before NewJeans’s NWJNS, Blackpink’s The Album was at the top with 555.1 million streams. The Album is composed of a total of eight single tracks while NewJeans’s NWJNS is composed of only four songs.

Despite having half the number of songs that Blackpink’s The Album, NewJeans’s NWJNS has surpassed the number of streams on Melon Music, indicating the rapidly rising fame and popularity of the girl group that debuted in July 2022.

Reacting to the remarkable achievement of NewJeans, a fan stated that NWJNS is well deserved for the top spot. He also expressed his feelings about listening “Attention” song for the first time. Lauding this feat of NewJeans, another fan claimed he hears NWJNS when he drives and the Hurt remix is his favorite song. A person wondered about this achievement by saying it is so impressive because NewJeans debuted in 2022.

Their song Hype Boy still excites the listeners. Nevertheless, many have remarked that NewJeans’s debut album NWJNS is legendary. Do you know which song from NWJNS garnered the maximum streams on Melon Music to take the total number of streams of the album to 555.2 million? If not, then take a peek at the next section.

According to the reports, NWJNS features four original songs, Attention, Hype Boy, Cookie, and Hurt. However, the remix versions of these songs are also available.

The most streamed song from the album “NWJNS” on Melon Music is Hype Boy which has over 247.6 million streams while Attention garnered more than 188.5 million streams. Cookie is at third with 88.1 million streams and Hurt has 30.8 million streams on Melon Music. No wonder NWJNS will break more records in the future. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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