19 July 2024
MTV Splitsvilla 15

The MTV Indian television channel never disappointed the audience by releasing back-to-back hit shows. On March 30, 2024, Splitsvilla X5 premiered on MTV India. As of now, this show is running with the great TRP. The viewers like the show’s drama and fight scenes. If are you also a fan of Splitsvilla X5 then this page is for you. The question is highlights who eliminated from the show Splitsvilla X5. Previously, Unnati Tomar and Ishita Rawat were eliminated from the show. In today’s reports, we are going to shed light on the contestant who is going to be eliminated after Rawat and Tomar. The latest episode of the show has generated massive attention. Check out the latest update of Splitsvilla X5.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Elimination

The shooting for Splitsvilla X5 is ongoing in Udaipur. The show is hosted by Tanuj Virwani and the boys’s heart queen Sunny Leone. As of now, the show has released 26 episodes. The viewers can watch the television show Splitsvilla X5 on MTV Indian as well as on JioCinema. However, the latest episode of the show has gained massive attention. The viewership of the show has also increased. Splitsvilla season 15 successfully made a unique place in people’s hearts. Several people are too excited to know who is the next contestant who will be eliminated from the show. The performance of the show is well on television channels as well as online. The latest episode which aired on JioCinema has gained people’s attention. The question is circulating who will get eliminated from MTV Splitsvilla X5? Since this show premiered, it has received immense love from the audience. To increase interest in the show, the makers have decided to bring a twist to the show. The audience will interact with the new twists and unique tasks in the upcoming episodes. The team of Splitsvilla X5 is too creative. Learn more in the next section.

Well, if you realize that the twists and drama are going to end soon in Splitsvilla X5 then you are thinking wrong because the creative team is soon going to interact with new twists. The drama in Splitsvilla X5 is going to begin. Make ready yourself for the drama, romance, twists, and special sequences. The team never failed to make every episode super blockbuster. Recently, most of the fans of the show are eagerly looking at who will eliminated from Splitsvilla X5 this weekend. As we know, in a shocking turn Siwet Tomar and Ishita Rawat were evicted from the show last week. After both of them who will be the next?

However, for several fans, the elimination of Siwet was shocking as Siwet can be a finalist. He could be the winner of the show but the unexpected elimination of Siwet left his fans shocked. On the other side, Adit Minocha is the only one who quit the show due to medical issues. As of now, Niharika “Arica” Porwal, Rahul Raja, Nidhi Goyal, Rigden Nadik Bhutia, Ayushmaan Maggu, Divyansh Pokharna, Dewangini Vyas, Yuvraj Bassi, Khanak Waghnani, Ruru Thakur, Ameha Gurung, Siwet Tomar, and Ishita Rawat evicted from the show. There is no doubt to say that the elimination of Siwet was too unexpected. After the elimination, he was asked about his breakup with Anick. He uniquely explains the question by saying that which relationship does not face ups and downs? He also said that he does not feel guilty for not being the finalist in the show Splitsvilla X5. However, it is not yet confirmed who will get evicted from Splitsvilla X5. We will come to know about the same in the upcoming episodes. Keep following the page for more updates.

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