23 July 2024
Miss Night and Day

The recently launched South Korean television drama series titled Miss Night and Day has been receiving acclaim from all around the world as the series has gained global notoriety and impressed viewers of every generation, the courtesy goes to chemistry shown by Lee Jung-eun, Jung Eun-ji, and Choi Jin-hyuk.

With their never-seen-before synergy, Lee Jung-eun, Jung Eun-ji, and Choi Jin-hyuk have been propelling the series’s popularity and charm to every region. The series has witnessed a very fast rise in popularity, finding a place in the top 10 shows with the highest viewership ratings and reviews.

Since people on the internet have lauded the popularity of Miss Night and Day, the audience has become keen to learn more about this series. Meanwhile, several questions also have started swirling among the audience such as where to watch it. We have got you covered on Miss Night and Day by discussing all of its essential aspects in detail. Kindly stick with this page and take a peek below. Swipe down.

Miss Night and Day Captivates Global Audiences

Miss Night and Day is a weekend drama show by JTBC. It started premiering on June 15, 2024, on Netflix, the official streaming platform of the show.

If you are curious to watch this weekend’s drama show, then you can enjoy every week its exclusive episodes on the weekend only on Netflix where it also has secured a place in the Top 10 Global shows with robust rankings and viewership ratings.

By releasing just a couple of episodes so far, Lee Jung-eun, Jung Eun-ji, and Choi Jin-hyuk’s show has topped TV and OTT domestically and internationally.

Since the show debuted on Netflix on June 15, 2024, the rom-com drama series’s ratings have been steadily surging. The recently released sixth episode of Lee Jung-eun’s rom-com show Miss Night and Day reportedly attained the highest viewership of 9.8 percent, setting a benchmark for the series’s upcoming episodes.

However, the actors of the show, Lee Jung-eun, Jung Eun-ji, and Choi Jin-hyuk, have set a target of 10 percent viewership.

A report shared by Good Data Corporation for week 4 of June claimed that Miss Night and Day’s viewership increased by 53 percent in TV and OTT and ranked second to maintain the upward trend for the third consecutive week.

In the video category, the South Korean rom-com drama secured the top place on Netflix, hinting toward the bright future of the show.

In the actor’s category, Lee Jung-eun who is playing the role of Im Soon, and Jung Eun-ji who is playing the role of Lee Mi Jin ranked second and first respectively, highlighting their performances of both main and alternate characters.

The storyline of Miss Night and Day features a job seeker whose age increases from somewhat 20 years to 30 years overnight, living as a senior intern by day and a civil service exam candidate by night. The change in the characters has gripped the attention of the audience and promised an intriguing plot ahead.

In the Netflix show, actors Lee Jung-eun, Jung Eun-ji, and Choi Jin-hyuk play the roles of Im Soon, Lee Mi Jin, and Gye Ji Woong respectively. Their insane chemistry even in their main and alternate characters, has added a layer of humor and gripping narrative.

The unique characters, blend of mystery, romance, human drama, and delightful storytelling of Miss Night and Day have won over audiences worldwide. In the last week of June, this drama show ranked fourth in global non-English Top 10 TV shows on Netflix with 9.8 million watch hours and 1.7 million views. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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