23 July 2024
Misha Charoudin

In a shocking turn of events, famous YouTuber and racing driver Misha Charoudin was involved in a car accident. Yes, you read that right, Nurburgring YouTube star Misha Charoudin whose real name is Mikhael Charoudin crashed a car and sustained injuries. This news has left all the fans of the Nurburgring star in a frenzy to learn what happened to him. Meanwhile, many rumors also erupted and speculations were made amid discussions about Misha Charoudin’s accident, adding a layer of intrigue and curiosity among them. We have got you covered thoroughly by explaining every bits and pieces of Misha Charoudin’s accident news. So be sticky with this page and follow it to the end. Take a peek below.

Misha Charoudin who is widely known for creating Nurburgring lap videos, met a serious accident that unfolded reportedly at the famed race track. Reportedly, the YouTuber crashed a BMW M4 which does not belong to him. Further reports revealed that the YouTuber crashed one of his fans’ BMW M4 in a senior collision. As the impact of the crash was so high, the YouTuber also sustained injuries in the crash but not life-threatening. The reports have claimed that Misha Charoudin sustained only minor injuries.

For the unversed, the Nurburgring racing driver has worked and lived at Nurburgring for over 10 years. The YouTube series of Misha Charoudin features the customized cars contributed by fans, which are shown during the opening session of the track, “Touristenfahrten”. The range of cars featured in Misha Charoudin’s YouTube series varies from Mazda Miatas to Ferrari Challenge racing cars. More about the series, the racing session follows the standard road laws of Germany. For the unversed, the German traffic rules prohibit the use of HANS devices and charge a fee for laps around the track. It has been observed that the Nurburgring YouTuber drives customized automobiles at the famed track without a helmet. Fortunately, the YouTuber was wearing a helmet while driving a fan’s BMW M4 which was involved in a serious collision. Therefore, Misha Charoudin only sustained minor injuries.

The YouTuber also explained the incident and circumstances surrounding the crash that happened at the Foxhole Corner. He failed to slow down the BMW M4 because the brake pedal was not working. As the car got closer to the barrier, the BMW M4 started behaving strangely and showing an error as well. Eventually, the car collided with a barrier at a high speed which caused the car to fly in the air for a few meters. Following the accident, the Nurburgring YouTuber revealed that the car was running at 80 mph at the time of the crash due to which he had very little time to react. Shockingly, the BMW M4 overturned several times and ended up on its roof as the rear wheels of the car were over the barrier. Nevertheless, the collision also caused a hole in the roof panel of the BMW M4 which had been damaged thoroughly.

Fortunately, Misha Charoudin’s car did not hit a fence post which would have caused a more serious accident or injury to him. After the car overturned on the track, it also caught fire due to fuel leaking from the brakes. Before the BMW M4 caught fire, YouTuber Misha Charoudin the owner of the car, had come out of the wrecked car to avoid further injuries. The emergency services were called to the scene and both were treated at the scene as they had no serious injury. Now Misha Charoudin is running a GoFundMe campaign to cover the cost of repairing his fan’s BMW M4.

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