16 July 2024

On Friday, July 5, 2024, the water-themed music event Waterbomb Festival began in Seoul.

Every day renowned K-pop idols perform at this music event and draw the attention of the broader audience on the internet with their energetic and passional performances while flaunting their amazing physique on the stage by going shirtless.

Meanwhile, BTOM’s Minhyuk was no exception, he performed at Waterbomb Seoul 2024 on the first day. Since Minhyuk performed at Waterbomb Seoul in 2024, he has been the topic of the town as K-pop fans are still stuck to his tone-setting performance.

Minhyuk of BTOB Sets Stage Ablaze at Waterbomb Festival 2024 with Shirtless Performance

Some fans missed Minhyuk’s energetic performance, thus we have come up with this article to share an insight into Minhyuk’s performance at Waterbomb Seoul 2024. Go through the article to the end for more details. Scroll down the page.

The overall performance of Minhyuk in one word is described as ‘terrific’. He set the stage of fire with his performance.

The BTOM member heated the environment right at the moment when he stepped onto the stage shirtless. He flaunted his chiseled physique while taking center stage. His entry which was a perfect blend of a hot physique and cool demeanor was enough to win the hearts of the fans at the water-themed music event in Seoul.

While performing on the global outdoor stage at Kintex in Ilsan, Goyang, Minhyuk appeared as a solo performer with his stage name Huta, unlike last year when he performed in the group.

The BTOB member began performing on his 2022 single solo track “I’m Rare” to start his performance with the high point. He kept his entire performance upbeat by performing energetic songs like Firework, Boom, and Dream My Spring. Waterbomb Festival is Korea’s largest summer music festival.

It is famous for offering visitors a unique experience of water play and live performances by famous K-pop artists. Last year, BTOB participated in the music festival as a complete group but this year BTOB member Minhyuk participated as a solo artist in the festival. To captivate the audience and enthrall the fans right from the start of his performance, Minhyuk performed I’m Rare.

If you have been active on social media, then you must have seen several pictures and video clips of Minhyuk from Waterbomb Seoul 2024 going viral on social media. His pictures from Waterbomb Festival 2024 are a testament to his enigmatic charm and energetic performance that set the stage for fire.

He performed shirtless, wearing a casual denim-on-denim outfit which instantly captivated attention. It can not be denied that Minhyuk’s dynamic performance ideally matched the summer vibe. As mentioned, BTOB member Minhyuk performed on hit songs like Dear My Spring, Boom, and Firework.

Amid his performance, Minhyuk removed his shirt to flaunt his jaw-dropping physique, ripped core, and well-defined abs. His muscular physique excited the fans when he removed his shirt during the performance. There was also a surprise for the fans in Minhyuk’s performance. To know what it was, take a look at the next section.

The highest point of Minhyuk’s Waterbomb Festival 2024 performance was when Eunkwang surprisingly appeared on the stage with Minhyuk and performed an unreleased song. They also performed together the superhit songs of BTOB such as Missing You and Only One For Me, leaving the audience’s adrenaline excited.

According to the reports, Minhyuk will perform next at the SangSang Platform outdoor plaza scheduled on August 3, 2024. It is also expected that he will perform at Waterbomb Incheon as well. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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