19 July 2024

The performance of Newjeans member Hanni on Blue Coral Reef at the Tokyo Dome concert encouraged everyone to give her a standing ovation as she created a sensation with her solo performance.


To receive praise and recognition from people in Korea and Japan, NewJeans member Hanni performed a rendition of the legendary Japanese singer Seiko Matsuda, Blue Coral Reef, which instantly went viral on the internet garnering millions of views and an overwhelming response from the audience.

Meanwhile, Min Hee Jin who is the head of ADOR and the producer of NewJeans, cited she already knew Hanni’s Blue Coral Reef performance would instantly go viral among the Japanese and Korean fans. It is quite noteworthy to discuss what the ADOR head cited about Hanni’s performance following the Tokyo Dome concert. Continue reading this article and go through it to the end.

NewJeans’ Hanni Receives Standing Ovation

NewJeans group traveled to Tokyo for their first Tokyo Dome concert on June 26 and 27. At the concert held in the capital of Japan, Hanni’s performance left the Japanese fans enthralled.

Since she delivered the sensational performance at NewJeans’ first Tokyo Dome concert, fans in Japan and Korea have been vibing on Hanni’s flawless and delighted rendition of Blue Coral Reef by Japanese Showa-era singer Seiko Matsuda who released this classic hit in 1977.

The Japanese fans were left delighted and enthralled by Hanni’s performance on Blue Coral Reef because she beautifully retained the nostalgic and soothing melody of the original song which eventually evoked the charm and emotional connection that fans have with the cult classic hit since since it was released in 1977.

During her solo performance, singer Hanni smartly bridged generations by performing Seiko Matsuda’s Blue Coral Reef and paying homage to Saori Minami’s hit song. The NewJeans member’s performance resonated with both the new listeners and the old admirers of the original songs.

Hanni of NewJeans Mesmerizes Tokyo Dome

NewJeans’ concert at Tokyo Dome, marks the shortest time for any K-pop group to perform at the Tokyo Dome concert. The K-pop group performed several hit Japanese songs such as Minji’s rendition of Vaundy’s Odoriko and Hyein’s cover of Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love, receiving an overwhelming response from the crowd.

Reportedly, the process of selecting songs to be performed at the Tokyo Dome concert by NewJeans members was personally curated by Min Hee Jin who is the head of ADOR and producer of NewJeans.

After Hanni’s solo performance at the Tokyo Dome concert went viral in meantime, the dedicated producer of NewJeans revealed that she had already anticipated the reaction of the Japanese fans but she was also surprised at the same time because the fans used to cheer for Seiko Matsuda.

Usually, the head of a music agency and the producer of a group does not personally direct solo performances or fan meetings nor choose a specific setlist but Min Heen Jin oversaw and planned the whole production of the Tokyo Dome concert. Continue reading this article for more details.


Hanni’s Solo Sensation

The producer of NewJeans also further revealed that she only wanted to satisfy the Japanese fans thus her concert for the performance was to create content that would resonate with the Japanese fans. Min Hee Jin attempted to create a whole concert like a festival that fans of all ages could enjoy.

Hanni’s rendition of Blue Coral Reef sensed the emotional fulfillment and nostalgia experienced by the fans. Her solo performance was aimed to exhibit her unique charm distinct from the group’s performance. Hanni’s ability to completely embody and deliver the song was lauded by everyone. Stay tuned.

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