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mhatre sheetal video, prakash Surve’s ‘he’ video has been seen by people in 32 countries, check the boy’s facebook account: Danve – maharashtra budget session sheetal mhatre and prakash surve video ambadas danve slams shinde camp at vidhan parishadNews WAALI

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Mumbai: The repercussions of the political debate that started over the viral video of MLA Prakash Surve and Shiv Sena spokesperson Sheetal Mhatre also took place in the budget session of the legislature on Tuesday. The Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Ambadas Danve, attacked the Shiv Sena (Shinde Group) on this issue. Ambadas Danve also demanded that the Facebook account of Prakash Surve’s son Raj Surve be verified.

A video of MLA has gone viral. I have sent that video to 10 people. Millions of people have watched this video on YouTube. The video reached people in 32 countries and the police are taking action against other people without any reason. Police are not investigating whether this video is original or a morph. Ambadas Danve criticized that they are only acting.
Sheetal Mhatre Video: Why Prakash Surve has been silent since the video went viral; Sanjay Raut’s question

When I met the Police Commissioner in this regard, he said, ‘I will not take unilateral action at all’. But a bullet is fired from MLA’s gun. Then the police say, ‘The gun should not have been in the MLA’s hand when the shot was fired. Isn’t handing over your revolver a crime then?’ Ambadas Danve asked this question. If MLA video is duplicate then take action. But if he is original, his private relationship takes place in his home, in public places, he should also be booked. But Ambadas Danve said that there is a doubtful situation in the state whether the Home Ministry and the government are on the side of the criminals.

In the Sheetal Mhatre video case, special man Aditya Thackeray was picked up by the police from the Mumbai airport

Why Prakash Surve Gapp after Viral Video; Raut’s question

After the controversial video went viral, Sheetal Mhatre has so far presented her side. But Prakash Surve has never come before the media. The same issue was raised by Sanjay Raut. It should be seen if the MLAs who are in the viral video have filed any complaint with the police. That male MLA has also been defamed. Has the man not been defamed? Sanjay Raut asked where is that MLA.