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Memory Games for Kids | Best memory games for kidsNews WAALI

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Memory games for kids

Little kids always want to have fun and have fun. Between the ages of 6 and 14, children’s brains work hard to learn new emotions, remember experiences, and form new patterns. This is the perfect time for children to learn something. Children develop in different ways with the help of memory games. In addition to this, if the child is not allowed to go anywhere, they will also learn to wait for you in the car or anywhere for a long time. Such games not only improve a child’s memory, but also help develop strategies, critical thinking, concentration and reflexes.

Memory card game

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Card games are a great time pass and kids play this game with great concentration. This game can be easily played without any problem. For this you need 52 deck of playing cards

How to play

  • You put all 52 cards in a clean place in 4 piles so each pile should have 13 cards. You can also place a joker in place of each new card up to the 6th pile.
  • To start the game the player must take 2 cards from anywhere in the set and place them face down.
  • If his cards are of the same suit and rank (eg, 7th card of hearts and 7th card of spades) then the player wins that pair and gets another chance to play.
  • If the two cards do not match, that player loses the game and the next player plays the cards face down again in the same place. The game ends when the player takes the last pair. The player with the most pairs wins the game or there may be a tie.
  • This game can be played in many different ways. Also, it can be played by young children but you can keep the rules according to colors or have players make pairs of the same rank and different colors.

Coin game

Handful of coins, cloth, timer or clock

How to play

  • You pick 5 coins from the pile and place them in any order. Like, you can put it in sequences of 50 paise, 1 rupee or 5 rupees.
  • Now you ask all the players to look at the coins and then you cover the coins with a cloth.
  • Ask the child to pick 5 coins from the pile again and arrange the coins in the same order seen previously.
  • You can set a time for it and use a timer for it. The child who puts all the coins in the correct order in the shortest time wins the game.
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Memory games for kids

Magic Cup Game

Everyone has played this game once. People even play this game with their pets! This game is perfect for concentration.

It requires – Paper cups, coin or any small object

How to play

  • First you place all the cups upside down in a row.
  • You put a coin or something else under a cup, but remember that the viewer knows which cup the object is placed under.
  • Quickly move the cups from one place to another for a while, then stop and line up the cups. Ask the child what coin or object is under the cup. If the child chooses the correct cup, he wins the game.
  • You can shake the cups and see which player among all the kids is the best at finding the coins.

Memory train

This game is perfect for long journeys and requires everyone to listen and speak attentively.

For this you need- Just you and the kids

How to play

  • In this game, the player starts by saying a sentence like ‘I am going shopping’. mujhe’ (I’m going shopping. I’ll pick up a’)
  • The next player must repeat this and add another. Then the second and third players must do the same.
  • All players take turns repeating what they said earlier and adding a new word to complete the sentence.
  • If someone makes a mistake in completing it, they are out of the game.
  • The player who speaks this sentence correctly for the longest time wins the game. For this you can take any sentence like ‘I am going on holiday’. mujhe’ (I am going on vacation. I am taking my’) or ‘I am going on vacation. Mujhe’ (I am going on a vacation. I am doing my packing’).

A rhyming game

This game is like a memory train, but it also develops a child’s vocabulary.

For this you need- Just you and the kids

How to play

  • To start this game the player has to say a sentence. It can be any sentence like ‘I feed the dog’ or ‘I like toys’.
  • The next player must say a sentence whose words rhyme with the previous sentence and use the same vowel sound. For example, ‘I fed the dog’ before ‘I fed the dog… log…
  • Other players should also use more rhyming words before this. Players must say all the words in a sequence and the player who repeats the word is out of the game.
  • The last player to leave wins the game.

Sound chain game

It is a listening and memorizing game and all children need to listen carefully. A bit noisy but kids will enjoy it too.

For this you need- Just you and the kids

How to play

  • All players can start the game by tapping or clapping their finger (eg tap twice or clap once).
  • Now the next player has to do the same pattern and add their own pattern as well.
  • All the players have to repeat all the patterns in turn and add their own pattern to it.
  • A player who forgets or makes a mistake is out of the game and the player who survives in the end wins.

A memory experiment

You can also play this game with the family and it also has some scientific elements so this game is perfect for older kids.

It requires – Paper and crayons

How to play

  • First you give each player a piece of paper and a crayon.
  • You read a list of 10 nouns (names, places or things).
  • Wait a while, and then have each child repeat as many names as they remember.
  • You have read a list of 10 different nouns.
  • Ask the children to draw a picture of what they remember.
  • Ask the children to write 10 names.
  • Finally you can compare whether children remember by drawing.

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