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HomeWorldMark Sutcliffe: Candidate Pledges $100M for Ottawa Roads News WAALI

Mark Sutcliffe: Candidate Pledges $100M for Ottawa Roads News WAALI

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Mark Sutcliffe has pledged an additional $100 million over four years to repair and clear snow on Ottawa’s roads and utility trails.

The mayoral candidate also promises a “balanced approach” to transportation that “respects how people in Ottawa get around.”

“Some people see the transport through an ideological lens,” Sutcliffe said in a press release on Thursday. “They want you to walk or bike no matter where you live, no matter where you go, no matter what month of the year.

“It might be easy if you live downtown and can get around by bike, but Ottawa has so much more to offer than just downtown. I respect the fact that if you live in the suburbs or rural Ottawa, you’re not going to bike your kid to Ringette training in February.”

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That position appears to be a rebuke to Catherine McKenney’s $250 million plan to build 25-year cycling infrastructure in four years. That plan will be achieved through green bonds, McKenney said earlier this month.

“We need a system that works for everyone, whether you walk, bike or drive a vehicle,” Sutcliffe said.

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Sutcliffe originally made the $100 million announcement on Sept. 8 but expanded on it Thursday. He also said he would implement the recommendations of the Ottawa LRT system judicial inquiry (due to appear in November).

McKenney’s transit plan would freeze fares, increase OC Transpo funding by 20 percent, and introduce free transit for youth. They would also bring in the LRT maintenance contract if the Rideau Transit Group turns out to default on the project agreement; Sutcliffe said he wouldn’t do it because the city didn’t have the capacity for the expertise to do it.

Sutcliffe said he will freeze fares for youth, seniors and low-income transit riders and will “focus on the missing gaps in the cycling network” where lanes end abruptly.

Sutcliffe also promises a web-based “pothole hotline” where residents can report potholes and proposes doubling city council budgets for traffic calming to $100,000 per borough.

Bob Chiarelli, another mayoral candidate, has promised no new construction projects would begin in his first year in office, but has yet to release a full transportation platform.

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