13 July 2024
Deepika Singh

Shocking updates are coming from the sets of popular television show Mangal Lakshmi where an actress sustained injury after an accident. According to the reports, the protagonist of the show, Deepika Singh was the actor who was involved in an accident on the sets of Mangal Lakshmi. Reportedly, actress Deepika Singh has sustained injuries as she was reportedly screaming with pain after involving in an accident on the set. Shooting for a daily soap is not everyone’s cup of tea as actors have to shoot for around 12 to 14 hours a day and if the actor is playing the lead role then he/she may also be required to shoot even if they are not fit or well. Sometimes, the lead actors also shoot with some injuries. The same may happen with Deepika Singh who recently sustained injury on the sets of Mangal Lakshmi. Since this news broke out, the fans of Mangal Lakshmi have become curious to know what happened to the actress and how she is right now. To cater to their queries, we have talked about this incident in detail. Continue reading this article for more details.

Talking about the accident, the lead actress of Mangal Lakshmi reportedly sustained an injury on her back after a heavy plywood board fell on her while shooting for her show. It is said that Deepika Singh was shooting for an important scene for her show. The Colors TV show actress reportedly sustained an injury in her upper back while shooting for a dream sequence. The tragedy unfolded on the set of Mangal Lakshmi on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, when a heavy plywood board fell on her back. What caused the plywood board to fall? Continue reading this article to learn more details.

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, i.e. yesterday, Mangal Lakshmi actress was at Mumbai Filmcity to shoot for a dream sequence of her Colors TV show, where a heavy plywood board fell after a heavy wind blew from there. The wind caused the plywood board to displace from its position and fell onto Deepika Singh’s back while shooting a scene of Mangal Lakshmi. The sources have reported that the lead actress was seen screaming in pain after sustaining the injury on her back. What happened next and who helped the actress on the set, have been explained in the following section. Drag down.

According to the reports, the Diya Aur Bati Hum actress Deepika Singh was screaming due to an upper back injury, prompting her fellow actor Naman to rush in a bid to help her. The actress took a brief break after the accident and shortly resumed shooting for the sequence she was shooting in Mumbai Filmcity. However, Deepika Singh called off the shooting when she felt swelling in her back where the plywood fell due to heavy wind. The actress also demanded an ice bag for fomentation. The crew team arranged the ice pack from the set of a dance show situated near Mangal Lakshmi’s set in the film.

After fomentation with an ice bag for several minutes, the actress managed to resume the shooting of the sequence she was shooting for before meeting the accident. In the end, the actress left the set in pain which was unbearable. The actress went home back after shooting as many scenes as she could. The reports have claimed that Deepika Singh also has developed a blood clot in her eyes due to heat on the sets of Mangal Lakshmi. Reportedly, the team of Mangal Lakshmi does not have plenty of reserved episodes which compelled the actress to shoot in pain.

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