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Make a Special Clove Donation to Eliminate Financial Problems Let us know about simple solutionsNews WAALI

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Mumbai, March 13: Astrology has solutions to many problems related to human life and by adopting them our life can be made a little easier. But it is very important to deal with it properly. Admittedly, measures taken at the right time and in the right manner definitely bring happiness in your life and success at work.

One of these remedies mentioned in astrology is the clove remedy. Cloves have great significance in astrology. Using it in pooja keeps positivity in the house. At the same time, by taking measures on it, obstacles in many works including financial difficulties are removed. Let us know about those simple answers.

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For getting rid of Kalasarpa Dosha

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If a person has Kalsarpa dosha in his horoscope, two cloves should be offered to Shivalinga for 40 consecutive days on Mondays in Shukla Paksha. Doing this remedy relieves the ill effects of Kalasarpa dosha and starts giving auspicious results.

To achieve success in all areas

According to astrology, if you are leaving home for some important work, put two cloves in your mouth and pull them out. Doing so will bring you special benefits and you will soon find success in the work for which you have left home.

These 4 gems are beneficial, the wearer is blessed with happiness and prosperity

To get rid of financial crisis

If you want to get rid of a prolonged financial crisis and no solution has been found, you should offer a rose flower and two cloves to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday. After this, tie 5 cloves and 5 rupees in a red cloth and keep it where you keep money. According to astrologers, doing this remedy with full devotion will show benefits soon.

(Note: The information given here is based on religious belief. There is no scientific evidence for this. News 18 Lokmat does not guarantee it.)

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