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maharashtra weather news, Weather Alert : Sky Emergency over the state for next 4 days; Meteorological department warns of rain in ‘old’ areas – scattered light to moderate rain at isolated places with thundershowers during March 15 to 18 in west vidarbhaNews WAALI

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Amravati: The temperature varies a lot at the moment and due to the changing monsoon winds, there will be cloudy weather in some places in West Vidarbha between March 16 and March 17. The weather expert Dr. Sachin Munde has expressed. This unseasonal attack on the state is once again a crisis for the farmers.

Currently wheat, gram, onion are being harvested. In this way, some instructions have been given by the Meteorological Department warning for vigilance so that this stormy wind does not affect these crops. Vegetable and fruit crops should be harvested early. Ripe gram and wheat crops should be harvested and if the crops are harvested, the crops should be stored in a safe place and covered with tarpaulin. Orange fruit should be cut. Vegetable and orchard crops should be supported with bamboo or bali.

Weather Warning: The next few days dangerous for the state; Warning of heavy rain and hailstorm in these areas

Ripe watermelon and cantaloupe fruit should be cut and kept in the shade and arrangements should be made to separate the rotten fruit from them and take the good fruit to market. Harvest the mature onion crop and store it in a safe place. The threshed product in the market and in the field should be covered with tarpaulin or kept in a safe place so that the product does not get wet. Keeping the local environment in mind, the farmer should cover the farm produce in a safe place with the help of a tarpaulin.

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Intercropping should be done such as weeding in seasonal crops, orchards, vegetable crops, spraying agrochemicals for pest and disease control and fertilizing in standing crops after the onset of rain. As lightning is more likely to occur together with thunder, if you hear the sound of thunder while working in the field, take shelter immediately in a safe place. As there is a possibility of lightning, feed should be arranged for the animals in the manger itself. If possible, animals should avoid grazing on open grazing areas. Farmer brothers should use the Meghdut mobile app to get agricultural advice and weather forecasts based on the weather forecast. Also, on behalf of the weather scientists, the farm brothers were asked to use the Damini app to predict thunder and lightning.

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