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mahakaleshwar temple pujari 17 year old son died, 17 year old son of mahakal temple priest suffered heart attack, drowned in Ujjain Shok Sagar on Rangpanchami – ujjain mahakaleshwar temple pujari 17 year old son died of heart attack during rangpanchami celebrationNews WAALI

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Ujjain: A shocking incident has taken place where the 17 year old son of a priest of Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain died suddenly due to a silent attack. In Ujjain on Sunday, Rangpanchami was celebrated across the city. Meanwhile, like every year, this year too a grand festival was celebrated in the Mahakaleshwar temple. This time there was a silent attack and he died. It is known that the boy’s name is Mayank. This incident has spread grief throughout Ujjain.

Mayank, son of Mangesh Guru, assistant priest of Mahakaleshwar temple, participated in the celebration. It is said that Mayank’s health is not good since morning. He fought with a sword in this festival. However, while performing a sword fight, he felt nervous. He then took the juice and joined the festivities again.

However, after some time, Mayank’s condition worsened again and he went home. He rested there for a while. But, his suffering did not lessen. So the family took him to the hospital. He was examined there by the doctor. However, he died during treatment here. In this case, the doctor has predicted the possibility of a silent attack.

Mourning among the priests of the temple

Mayank’s sudden death has caused grief among the priests of the Mahakal temple. Mayank’s death at such a young age has left his family in mourning.

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